Goodbye Rapunzel

I am starting to come to terms with my new life on wheels. A life with less pain and more mobility is so much better then what i have been living with, these last few months especially. Today I was able to roll over and pick up my daughter when she cried, no more can someone bring me the baby please, no sir I can get her myself and it is indeed a good day .. I am able to play with my toddler too and now I can do it without running out of energy! I am now able to go for a walk/roll with my teens and tween when they really want to show me something without having to think twice about the pain I would be in if had walked there.

Life is not perfect but it is good and I am content. I am thankful for this new mobility even if it does have its drawbacks. The electric wheelchair will be ready next week that will make it much easier I can not wait until it arrives .... VROOMM VROOM look out world here i come.

While I still haven't come to terms with my disease I have come to terms that I can and should control the amout of pain I am in because of it. I owe it to myself and my family. Yes today was a good day I am refreshingly exhausted and not from pain for once but from having gone outside for the first time in months and even without it being to see a doctor (shock) just a "roll" out in the fresh air with my family. I will sleep well tonight knowing I am no longer a prosioner up here on my fourth floor flat. Goodbye rapunzel. Hello motorized mama!

How wonderful for you! Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sure your family must be delighted that you are now able to be an active participant in their activities. It puts a progressive ‘spin’ on something I have been thinking of as a very negative change. Happy rolling!

This made me smile! So happy for you and you’re family that you’re able to put your energy to happier uses! It’s things like this that go a long way for mental health!