Going to work, need help with new limit of abilities

Going back to work tomorrow after 9 months off. Kinda
freaked. How did those of you who went back to work after being
off know if you could do it? I mean I really want this to work
but am terrified it won’t. I have pain all the time and fatigue
what do I use as my new yard stick for what is too much or
When to take a break or what is too much? Help. I do not want to over
do it but I want to make this work. How am I supposed to know my limits?
Everything is so confusing.

From what I’m told by my rheumatologist you have to listen to your body when it’s had enough for the day! I have a hard time with that and I push too much in one giving day which puts me on the coach for a couple of days! Just don’t overdue it, do a little bit at a time! No lifting anything past 10 lbs and take frequent breaks to stretch your joints! If your employer don’t like it too bad I’ve learned nobody really cares especially employers they just want the work done! Try it out for a while if it’s too much on your body and you can’t physically do it without getting sicker I would talk it over with your doctor! Like I said, the more your push the worse this disease gets! Good luck and I hope it works out for you! Unfortunately, I had to give up my profession 6 months ago since my job involved sitting and typing for hours at a time and I would cry from the pain in my back and my hands by the end of the day! At the end I was taking pain killers just to get through the day! I was recently just approved for SSD and I will miss my job as I loved my work but I just couldnt risk my health any longer! Again, good luck to you! Jojoclose

Specifics would depend on the type of work you do.

It will be a learning process. You need to pay attention to the way you move, the amount you move, and look for things that can make your job easier or more efficient. When you take a break, drink water - staying well hydrated can help a lot. Pack a healthy meal to eat, and maybe some Hoteeze pads in case you need to apply heat ... I usually apply heat to my lower back while I'm eating lunch and it helps a great deal. Be gentle with yourself as you learn your limits and remember to rest when you get home.