Full-time work too hard

I have finally decided to make a positive change tomorrow. I am resigning from full-time employment, to take some time out to care for my self. I have been dragging myself to work most days in intense pain and figure life is too short to put myself through so much grief. Just thought I would put it out there :slight_smile:

I know how tough this decision must have been for you but you know your body best. i tried working 2 days a week for 2 years but had to leave in May. Each of our bodies responds differently and only you know what will work for you. It has made a huge difference for me and I hope the same for you. I am sending prayers and hugs to you.

Oh, can I ever relate to this! I was working full-time as a bookseller (I am an artist and composer in my so-called real life) and as the disease got worse, I became increasingly unable to do my daily tasks. It became humiliating. I was hobbling around like a very old unwell man, and I was only 49 at the time. I couldn't stock the shelves, I couldn't lift my arms to gesture (this still applies), I was having a terrible time simply standing upright, and slowly began to slump. My boss started to get on my case, despite my careful explainations and letters from doctors and specialists. He became impatient and annoyed and I felt low and depressed. Finally, we sat down and discussed things. I now work only four days a week for four hours a day. My wife is frankly not thrilled about this, and although she understands my illness, she still gets annoyed if I am tired or feel like I must sleep or lie down. This can really vex me at night when I need to sleep but feel compelled to stay up so as not to be a bore or an old fogey or whatever. Actually, I often feel completely misunderstood and guilty about all of this. I simply hurt all the time, and that alone is exhausting. How can this go on day in and day out? The painkillers do not really work very well, and I'm at the limit of any sensible dosage. And I''m talking about MS Contin and Endone. I am considering another visit to the reumatologist, but part of me just imagines he'll have nothing particulary useful to say. I think I am certainly depressed, but I have had bad experience with anti-depressants and I am not keen on adding to the chemical cocktail in my bloodstream. This is a very nasty disease. (Sorry for the rant)

Hi rusty!

Hope this works well for you, and that you can regain some strength and well being! Nice to hear from you!


Hi everyone :slight_smile: It sounds as though we can all relate to each otherโ€™s experiences with f/t work. I must sayI feel relieved, however I do hope to return to the workforce a coule of days per week, once I find a reprieve through the medications. Mr Crunchy, my heart went out to you :slight_smile: i truly hope your wife can takethetime to read up on this auto immune disease and realise how hard it is for us to function.