Work problems

Hi all

I was wondering if any of you have a manual job, I'm having a difficult time, I only work 3 days a week and just 4 hours each day but i'm finding it difficult to keep going, to add to the problem my depression is getting bad again, some people I work with just do not seem to understand PSA or depression. I will add I have suffered with deppression for many years well before PSA. Sorry I feel like Im haveing a rant but having a bad day, think its time for a new job but what to do is the problem, I lack confidence .

The job I had was very physical although not considered a "manual" job. I worked with children with behavior disorders and was required by my job to be able to physically restrain them when necessary. I also had to physically "keep up" with them throughout the day including providing them assistance during PE and on the playground. Keeping up got more difficult until it became impossible.

I also had a very large garden and livestock. Major modification was necessary just to be able to maintain some of what I love to do.

I think flexibility would be the key to being successful in a new job. If I had the option earlier in the progression of this disease to rest when I needed to rest and work when I was able, I think it would have slowed down the progression.

Tinkerbell--you say your depression is getting bad again and you say that this isn't your first time at the mood-altered rodeo. Please seek help for your depression--whether through a mental health counselor or with your rheumatologist--as soon as you can.

The pressures of having a chronic illness are not to be taken lightly by you or anyone else and you deserve to seek treatment and intervention that will help you. For some people, talk therapy is all that is needed. Others may need medical interventions. There is no shame in seeking help and, as Sybil wrote, depression is, unfortunately, a very common bedfellow with PSA. The upside to that is that a conversation with your rheumatologist about your mood will not go unnoticed.

If you're really terribly fatigued then there's clearly some untreated disease activity in your body. If I were in your shoes I would be beating down the door to my rheumatologist. I have been known to call, repeatedly, email AND show up in the office. You aren't a pester, you are a patient needing treatment. Please seek it out ASAP!! And try to do at least one nice thing for yourself today.