Work and PsA

I have another question. Regarding Disablity. I currently work fulltime or have been trying to. I am on FMLA and now have a reduced schedule to 7 hours per day M-F. I have a desk job. I sit usually about 8 hours per day. This I have found to be difficult in the past because of pain, inability to concentrate, and fatigue. I am positive that I will get better but I am wondering when you know that you should be looking into Disability. Is this something that most have had to do, or do most people work? I guess that just in feeling better the last couple days I have realized or coming to realize just how sick I have been. I am just being realsitic that this may be something that I needs to be considered in the future and I am not sure when is the right time. I have read that you should not wait until you are working a reduced schedule for years and then apply because you in turn will not be making as much as if you would have just done it to start with. I really do not want to go on Disability at 37 but I really do not want to have my whole life filled with work and sleep and no energy for my family. Have others questioned this? I am thinking too far ahead?

Disability is very rare and hard to come by. Its also a very natural thing to wonder about and a part of the whole "new me process" I think all of us have considered it at one time or another.

Once you engage the 3 essentials (Healthy living, Physical activity and medication) and make them key to what you do every day, life changes. You can tolerate more and do more.

Hi Wondering,

I'm sorry that you feel so sick that you're considering disability. As Lamb mentioned, we've all entertained the thought at one time or another. I've been eyeing one of those disabled parking passes at work, but I know I don't need it and my doctor wouldn't ever write me a note for one because he knows walking from the parking garage is better for me!

So here's a little story that might give you some ideas about helping yourself AND working. When I was really sick, before I took biologics, I would come into the office for a few hours everyday and I worked from bed the rest of the time. I am fortunate to be able to to do that with my job. But I know it isn't for everyone.

When I started to feel better and was back to work in the office more and more, I brought a doctor's note and reminded my HR rep of a surgery I had on worker's comp several years prior because of a pretty lousy computer/desk set-up which exacerbated nerve issues in my left arm. Because of this I was given an ergonomic assessment of my work space. Subsequently I was able to choose a new desk chair for my office that has endless adjustments so it is harder to get stiff and a sit/stand desk. I have since changed positions but I have, again, a sit/stand keyboard support and my computer monitors have been mounted on telescoping arms, so I can sit or stand as I please throughout the day.

When you're sick and fatigued, the prospect of standing sounds terrible, but I have realized more and more that sitting throughout the day is TERRIBLE for my body, particularly my hips (all that weight on immobilized joints) and for my neck (from constantly trying to push my head through the computer monitors!). Even just taking five minutes an hour to stand up and write rather than sitting makes a difference. Perhaps this kind of small modification would help you in the long run.

The goal is to get you well and for you to resume your regularly scheduled programming. You will need help and support and maybe some workplace modifications along the way, but look to your doctors and this site to find more creative solutions than disability. That road, while possible for some, is one of infinite frustration for most. The path back to better health is there, believe me, it just takes some finding at first.

Wishing you well. Jane