Going great!

Hi all,

Apologies as I do not get on here much these days. We had our second bub 6 months ago who is a great kid during the day, but does not like to sleep! (Conceived thanks to a decision to take Antibiotics instead of MTX!)

As previously described. My primary treatment is Minocycline (Antibiotic Protocol) and in April I started some dietary restrictions after food sensitivity testing. I had been taking Naproxen a few days a week for relief as required.

I stuck with the no Gluten, Milk or Eggs diet for about 5 months.

Anyway the arthritis symptoms gradually improved and 3 months ago I took my last anti-inflammatory.

Coincidentally or maybe there is something in it, 3 months ago I started taking an antifungal (Terbinafine) for an infected toe nail that I have had for about 5 years, coincidentally that was when I first started getting arthritic symptoms. I could not find any link with this medication improving arthritis when googling, but if candida or other fungal issues were more systemic then logically getting that under control will effect the immune system. My Doc at the time said he had a hunch that it could improve the arthritis.

My foot (2nd toe) pain has just completely gone. The only time I have had pain there was the day after I accidentally had some egg in thai food so I am convinced that Egg is an issue for me.

My morning stiffness is nearly completely gone.

My knee has slight swelling, but nearly feels normal.

So basically I am 100% pain free with just the slightest stiffness every now and then.

I re-introduced gluten (Yay beer!!!) a few months ago and have not had any issues.

I had my first winter in about 15 years where I did not get any colds. My wife and daughter were sick constantly through winter and I have no idea how I didnt get anything! I just finished building a retaining wall, every muscle was sore but no joint issues! Did the Sydney to Gong 90km charity bike ride for Multiple Sclerosis. No problems!

We have had a really stressful time with bub not sleeping and it physically has been demanding with little sleep etc but my general health has been the best its been since I was a child.

My chronic Sinus has gone. I suspect that cutting the milk out has made a difference. I do not get the constant mucous like I used to. My throat is clearer, it has improved my singing voice for sure, but I still suck.

The only supplements I currently take are astaxanthin 12mg and L-glutamine.

I have more questions than answers myself as to why I am doing so well, too many things changed at once to know which made the difference, but no complaints!

I have asked my Rheumy (He does not treat me with antibiotics) his thoughts on how I would be doing with different medication types and he said I would not be better on other meds (Remember in Aussie I would not qualify to get the biologics). He admitted he uses Antibiotics to treat some patients, but only as a last resort as he believes is slower to work.

Do I have leaky gut due to food sensitivities or fungal infection? Will it get worse again when I complete the antifungal course? Will these good times last?

Either way I will come on from time to time and update...

Congrats!!! Your news is very encouraging! I am also on an antibiotic and a sulfasalazine and Mobic. The doc thinks I have leaky gut as well and I will stop with the eggs and gluten. The rash has been around for several years and the joint pain in the past year with a diagnosis of PSA a month ago.

I lived in Belize for 5 years and ended up with histoplasmosis( fungus) in my lungs from caving. I was treated at the time for 6 months and wonder if it could be contributing in someway. Histo can spread throughout the body and the rash came along after it. I have suffered with sever sinusitis for 10 years with two surgeries. Your post gives me hope that I will get the vibrant me back which myself, friends and family miss!