Interesting Times

All was going fantastic as of last November when I last posted. Perhaps I overdid it, I was playing golf again a lot and cycling and my knee swelling gradually returned. Over the space of a month it just kept slowly swelling, not unbearable pain but restricted in movement. Uncomfortable but still able to play golf.

Anyway generally I felt I regressed a little with my symptoms. A bit more achey, using the Naproxen a bit more, nothing drastic, not a severe flare or anything.

I recently had a gG 210 Food Sensitivity testing done through a lab in Sydney. Just exploring any possible dietary link as I had suspect Celiac bloods but an ok biopsy.

Anyway it came back that I was moderately sensitive to Wheat, Milk and Eggs.

These tests are definitely not gospel and I certainly would not diagnose myself after these results, but it gave me a direction to try for a restricted diet to see if it helps the PsA. Previously I have been on elimination diets for a few weeks at a time, but never noticed a difference in symptoms or pain so I found motivation to stay on the diet difficult.

So 2 weeks ago I cut out those suspect foods and this time I have definitely noticed a subtle change. I wouldnt say pain disappeared, but I found I last a hell of a lot longer between the need to take anti inflam meds. My knee swelling has reduced a little, my foot pain is definitely reduced.

It is suggested I go 8 weeks on this diet and then re-introduce individual foods to challenge and a reaction should show if it was an issue.

Anyway I am cautiously optimistic that I may have found one piece in the puzzle for my treatment. Time will tell...

I am still on the same dosage of the Antibiotics and using lots of probiotics on the days I dont take them. I know

My treating doctor for the Antibiotic Protocol explains the PsA disease simplistically as a crossover of Genetic Predisposition eg HLAB27, Leaky Gut/Food Sensitivity, Emotional/Stress Triggers and Chronic Infection (Low Grade or Mycoplasma etc)

It sounds like it's worth your while to adjust your diet and try this out. It certainly can't hurt, and it sounds like it may already be helping.

You're doing the antibiotic therapy? I just worry too much about damage. I've also considered doing helminthic therapy, but am on the fence about this. There are a few alternative therapies available, but the proof supporting them just isn't strong enough. I'm only 41, I've got a lot more years that I need my joints to last for.