Introduction & Antibiotic Treatment


Thanks to all of you for putting your stories out there, it helps so much to be able to hear from other people afflicted with PsA rather than insensitive doctors or misunderstanding friends. Apart from the obvious physical pain the most difficult thing I have encountered is the lack of understanding from others, especially people close to me. I know I am going to get de-sensitized to this as I get more accepting of everything, but the only people I know who can empathize so far are those who also have arthritis or other serious health conditions.

I am 34 and have recently been diagnosed with PsA. I work as an electrician and I so far have grit my teeth and not taken any time off due to this condition and when I have rested it has made no difference to the pain levels.

I currently have no skin condition and have one toenail effected, which I had previously thought was fungal until pathology disproved that.

My symptoms started approximately 3 years ago with unexplained SI joint pain that went undiagnosed until recently.

We had our first baby in May 2011 which coincided with my first "flare Up" a few weeks after. I woke up with a sore swollen toe which turned into a painful flexor tenosynovitis underneath the foot. Then a few weeks after my knee swelled up rapidly and I had a ruptured bakers cyst. A few weeks after that my jaw suddenly hurt one night and has been sore ever since. After doing the rounds with podiatrists, physio, massage & gp's I and lots of pathology testing I finally was diagnosed by a Rheumatologist with PsA.

I have been surviving on Naproxen daily as my only medication, apart from Herbal Anti Inflam, Vit D, Fish Oil, etc.

My Rheumatologist wants to start me on MTX in the new year and I am concerned about the path of toxic medications ahead. I have been on elimination diets and low nightshade diets for a few months, but have not noticed any difference so far.

Has anyone here had experience with Antibiotic Treatment for PsA and if so what results did you have?

I have read "The New Arthritis Breakthrough" by Henry Scammel and I have only heard positive anecdotal evidence from other people, mostly RA afflicted though on the Road Back Foundation website.

Regardless of what others think I feel treatment with antibiotics is low risk/high possible return and I am determined to try it and if unsuccessful I can go to the DMARDS and Biologics later.

I am hunting down an experienced Antibiotic Protocol Doctor in my area and I am keen to trial this treatment and will let the rest of you know how I progress.


Go to That's an excellent source of information on psoriasis, PsA and on available treatments. I have not seen anti-biotic treatment mentioned at all. Why not start the methotrexate? It's usually well tolerated and it can work. I believe that the biologics work even better with even lower risk. Why do you think the risks are lower with an anti-biotic? What are the risks of taking naproxen daily? The biologics work better than MTX and they have lower risks of side effects. The main issue is you have to be monitored for any of these.

While you're considering risks, there's the strong risk of permanent joint damage if you don't get the PsA under control. Don't base your decisions on anecdotal evidence. There's millions of people with psoriasis, just about everything you can imagine has happened to a few of them.

You call the drugs toxic, but overall the biologics were shown to actually decrease mortality among people using them who have a disease for which they are indicated. It sounds like you have such a disease.

My experience with both MTX and later Enbrel has been complete remission of my PsA and no perceived side effects except one night after I took the MTX, I couldn't sleep. That's when I went on Enbrel instead. Before the meds, my knee was swollen to twice it's normal size and killing me. I walked with a cane, used the scooter at the store an I kept waking up from pain. Now on the meds, I can run, I can bike, I can climb the stairs for the 27th floor where I work and I can do very vigorous exercise. You can always stop the MTX if you find something better or if it starts to hurt you. If your joints are damaged you cannot repair them.

Thanks for the advice and certainly I need to monitor things closely whichever way I pursue treatment. So far I have had various Xrays, Ultrasounds, MRI's and CT scans and blood tests and fortunately I got a referral to one of the leading sports doctors in Australia who was the one to initially diagnose me, so I am aware that at the moment my cartilage and joints have not deteriorated, but have high levels of inflammation with samples sent for pathology etc.

The two things I have against MTX at the moment is the possibility of wanting to try for a second child in the near future and the other is the liver side effects as having a beer certainly helps the stress levels at times.

Enbrel looks the most appealing other treatment, but my understanding in Australia is that I have to try the DMARD's first and when they do not work I am eligible to receive government subsidy on the Enbrel, otherwise it is cost prohibitive as a treatment at the moment.

With everything I have read all the DMARDS or Biologics stop working eventually and there are those uncomfortable transition periods to find the next one that works. The Antibiotics do not stop working for those people who have had success. You can cycle on and off them as required with future flares. I have been on one of the antibiotics listed in my youth for acne treatment and I had no side effects at all.

The antibiotic treatment is not quackery, the pioneering rheumatologist had 40 years of experience with research and treatment of tens of thousands of patients and the book "The New Arthritis Breakthrough" goes into the science behind the treatment, the scientific trials and the political reasoning behind the lack of support for Antibiotic Protocol. Arthritis was a 60 billion dollar industry for Pharmaceuticals back in the 90's, there is not much money to be made with cheap tetracycline antibiotics hence not many studies get the funding and marketing. Also see testimonials at for PsA treatment.

I have my first appointment with a Doctor next week who is experienced with the Antibiotic Protocol.

I will closely monitor bloodwork and responses and give it the required minimum treatment time. I can start MTX in parallel, but I want results to be clearly attributed to whichever treatment works.

If successful I should be able to wean off the Naproxen at some stage in the next few months.

If it doesnt work I will pursue the other meds :)

I will keep you all updated and I may just come back with my tail between my legs in a few months time!

I'm happy to get the advice from all of you who have more experience with this and I will keep an open mind for all treatments.