Ginger, PsA and Methotrexate


I was wondering if anyone has found any information regarding ginger and PsA. I know that a lot of natural products have medicinal or healing powers and wondered if anyone has run into the effects of ginger. I love ginger snaps and the ones I buy actually have bits of ginger in them so if they are actually good for me, even better!

Also, does anyone know if there is any reactions with methotrexate and ginger. I just started taking it after being on sulfasalazine for a while. I guess I wasn't doing as well as the doc had hoped. I want to make sure there aren't any side effects from the intake of ginger and MTX.



ginger is a really great anti-inflammatory, as well as being good for upset stomaches and nausea. The ginger snaps probably wouldn't have enough in them for the anti-inflammatory properties but would be good for an upset stomach or nausea. I don't know of an interaction between it and mtx, but you could always ask your doctor or a naturopath :). I love ginger snaps as well <3

Oh that's good to hear! I love ginger period. Ginger snaps are only one of many foods I eat with ginger. It's good to know that it's a benefit too!

I will ask my doctor about the interaction between MTX and ginger. I know that some drugs interact with certain foods and I want to make sure I'm not making my case worse!

Thanks again Emma!

Hi Suparna!

I took a few minutes to look around the web for interactions, only found one instance of interactions, BUT would urge you to ask your Dr. Old Chinese friend of mine advised me to take ginger root, peel it and rub it on my back! It did help a bit, but not as much as the meds, would probably been better off eating it!

I take Tumeric,8599,1910028,00.html

Sounds like I need to take even more! Again, always ask Doc first!

Nice to hear from you, Suparna!


Hi SK,

Thanks for looking around for me. I definitely will ask my doc. I just wondered if any of you knew since you guys seem to be so knowledgeable about PsA. This is all still new for me and I haven't really had issues until just recently so I'm still having a hard time adjusting and understanding it.

My mom is into holistic solutions and she told me that ginger (and tumeric) are really good and have many healing powers.

Another question for you....I just started methotrexate recently and have noticed that I get upset stomachs more often than before. Is this common?



Thank you for the link on Tumeric. It was interesting reading and something I may have to go and start tomorrow!

Thanks for sharing!