Imuran Anyone?

Rhemy just added Imuran in combo with Stelara. Anyone used this before? Experience/ side effects? I already went over the patient printout from the pharmacy.

My hubs is a pharmacist, so I get all the statistics and technical details but some first hand accounts would be nice.


I just read up on Imuran, and I have to say, haven’t seen many people here saying that they use it. Makes me wonder why. Maybe tntlamb will know.

Its not used much with PsA. Somewhat more common with gut issues particularly chrons. People taking it usually don't have a lot of complaints. It is a much stronger immune suppressant than most we take, so if you have a spare moment use it washing your hands.

Will do tntlamb. So far it's making me nauseous. Hubs said it was stronger then Methotrexate but with less side effects. I need to do some more reading. Thanks!

I'm curious why your doc chose it frankly. It is MUCH stronger than MTX usually used as an anti-rejection drug or as a "what the hell do we have to lose drug with PsA". I'm wondering if your doc is trying to knock it (PsA) down quick without using steroids or suspects something else?

I know he is not in favor of MTX, especially if you are a women in child bearing years. (Not that I am wanting more kids or will have more kids) Mostly he's not a fan of the side effects of MTX. To be honest, I am too!

I know he's not happy that the Stelara wore off after 6 weeks. He said we are using Imuran as a filler drug until the next shot, then see how long that one lasts. I think he's more concerned about my back then he is letting on. I'm not sure tntlamb. This is all still new to me. Oh and I am allergic to sulfur, if that helps.

Bingo! Sulfazine is NOT an option. That gives you plaquinel which rarely works and causes some anemia (not good for a gal your age.) Arava - also heavy on side effects. I agree about the MTX. The side effects are manageable enough except for that Birth Control Thing. You are supposed to use 2 forms of BC. Insurance Companies won't often pay for 2 say the pill and an IUD so you are left with one prescription and one "packaged version" I suspect your docs a realist......

Yeah he may be suspecting the Spondylitis version of PsA. Thats good news and bad news. You have a lot of control over that outcome BUT it has everything to do weight control and exercise. Two virtual impossibilities for a young mom. SOOO hubs gets the word: "Honey you need to take the kids while I go to water aerobics, and you might as well fdo the laundry and vacuuming because I'll be doing my stretching and SI stabilization work instead AND its going to take me a bit longer to get dinner because pasta is off the menu, so you might was well but the laundry away while I make a fresh salad."

I am laughing my proportional butt off. Yep. I can just look at food and gain weight. I am 5'2" and 132lbs. I could do loosing 10 pounds but it's a very hard 10 pounds to maintain. Plus I am on BC and that always makes me gain weight. I eat healthy but rarely exercise. I was walking and doing yoga, but I slacked.

Haha, my hubs is rarely home, being a pharmacy manager. That daily exercising thing is out of the window. Plus my 4 year old is busy!

Keeping up with four year old is plenty of exercise. But we aren't training for the olympics. Im dead serious about what doesn't move rusts Try these:

Its gonna take some planning, but you have to do it. And yeah I make jokes about it, but its pretty real...

Thanks tntlamb....

I told my hubs last night, I ready to trade this disease in for something else now... like one itchy toe. Just one.