General Malaise...low grade fever

What do you do when you just don't feel well... Not anything specific but kinda flu like and you know you don't have the flu. But to top it off there is the low grade fever with no "real" symptoms to put with it?

Yup trees you are is a flare...can't really rest too much have to work all day, but trying to rest in evening and am drinking lots of fluids cause I am so hot. Temp is running 99 to 100.2 So much is going around I wasn't sure...but if I am not in a flare then whatever it is has attacked my bones.:(

Trees, we have just gotten cool here...I live in central Florida...honestly the heat and humidity of summer is harder on me than the cold. I know I am weird...even my rheumy can't believe it. I could deal with 70s year round myself. oh well we can dream.

Alma, I know what you mean by there is so much going around. At the end of November I thought I was getting a cold until I realized it was a flare. Two weeks later I thought great another flare until my lungs turned on fire I had pneumonia. Now I am back to a bad flare. General malaise is one of the worst feelings. I hope you are feeling better and I agree with you that 70's is the perfect temp for me.