Food poisoning and PsA

I joined this group yesterday after experiencing my worst flare ever. I woke up yesterday feeling tired and achy. I had made plans for lunch with a friend, so I rested in the morning before going to meet her. It was a new restaurant with a tasting menu, so we both had the same things. We had planned to go to a movie afterwards, but we were both feeling very tired and decided to just go home. I took the Metro and felt like I would not have the energy to make it home. On the way, the fever and chills had already begun. Every joint in my body ached terribly. I didn't move from the sofa all evening except to go to the bathroom. I have never had diarrhea with a flare, which made me think that it could be food poisoning. After checking in with my friend, sure enough she was also sick (although she did not have the all-over pain that I did). As we both have immune issues (she is diabetic), perhaps we were more susceptible to whatever food-borne pathogen did this to us. I will let the restaurant know about this.

I was just wondering whether food poisoning symptoms are worse in people with PsA. Has anyone experienced this?

Hi PsAinPAris, I believe that food poisoning is worse in people with PsA. It has happened to me a few times. Also whenever a cold or flu virus goes through my family I always get sicker than everyone else. My symptoms are worse and last longer than others in my family. Frequently I end up with secondary infections, like bronchitis, sinus infection etc. I think it just comes from having a compromised immune system.

Hi Bobbi, Thanks so much for your message. I saw my rheumatologist today, and she confirmed that infection symptoms often are worse in people with compromised immune systems. I had blood work done today, and my CRP was off the charts. She thinks this is due to the food poisoning incident, so I’ll have to have it re-checked in a week. But really, it seems to me that those of us with PsA have enough to contend with. It’s hardly fair that it makes all of the garden variety maladies so much worse!

I couldn’t agree more about having enough to contend with. I live in fear of getting sick. Good luck with bringing yoiur CRP down.