Fingernail help

For those that are experiencing fingernail problems (bad ones). Have you found anything to put on them or take that helps?

Mine are getting worse daily. The separation from the nail bed is really starting to deform and crack then.

That really stinks. My mom talks about this on a regular basis, and there’s nothing that she does special. For her it’s the toenails that lift off. Because she also has diabetes she goes to the podiatrist every 6 weeks (I think) and sometimes just has them removed if they’re catching on her socks or causing significant discomfort. I would think that keeping them trimmed as much as possible would be helpful as well.

The only thing that works for me is a visit to see a nail technician and have a few very frequent gentle manicure’s and then have them covered with shellac nail gel

It is unclear exactly what the problem is that you are struggling with, Tamac. I have two different types of problems.

Two of my fingernails can split. I keep them short when that happens. The dermatologist has also recommended moisturizing them, I use Aquaphor.

Three of my toenails have a fungus. They are yellowish and can get thick. I control the fungus with a nail lacquer that is prescribed, ciclopirox. It is cheaper through Mark Cuban’s pharmacy. The lacquer only controls the symptoms.

I would suggest starting with your PCP for a diagnosis and moving on to a dermatologist or podiatrist for more help, especially if the rheumatologist has not been able to help.

Have they been tested to confirm that the issue is fungal? Nails with a fungal infection and nails badly impacted by psoriasis/psoriatic arthritis can look very very similar.

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My fingernails can be really awful. The nails will separate and pop off sometimes. (So much fun) Fingertips get in on the act and split, peel and sometimes bleed. Just like the PsA they flair and remiss but the nails are always very fragile and deformed even when my fingertips aren’t bad. Toenails too but not as bad as the fingernails. As far as I know there really isn’t a topical treatment because the psoriasis is under the nail in the nail bed. However I was prescribed Clobetasol, a very strong cortisone, to apply to the fingertips and as far under the nails as I can get it. (I use a toothpick to get it under there) It’s pretty yucky stuff rather like petroleum jelly but when my fingertips are cracking and bleeding it’s the only thing that helps calm it down. A woman I worked with had it worse than I do and she was prescribed a special light box (sunlight can help psoriasis) to use on her hands. Fortunately she doesn’t have the arthritis but her nails and fingertips are horrid. She said the light box does help but does not completely clear it up.
If anyone out there knows something better give us a shout. I, for one, would be all over it like a cheap suit!

This may sound crazy but while putting paw balm on my dog’s pads it felt so good on my fingers I started using it on my own nails. I use a 3 sided ridge removed and buffer from the drug store to keep my nails smooth. I regularly rub in the balm to nails and cuticles. They stay moisturized and cuticles soft. And it’s inexpensive. No more split nails that take months to grow out.

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Thanks all. My fingers are more or less separating from the nail bed and peel off, or I pick at them.

I tend to pick at them until they become a problem and look like hell.

I just try to keep mine short and not use them too much to open things etc until they grow out. Ultimately due to systemic inflammation so meds and/ or anti inflammatory foods/ avoiding inflammatory foods should help I would think.

I keep my hands out of water as much as possible when I have cracked, split or lifting nails. I avoid chemically based products on my nails and skin. I use moisture wipes on my hands instead of washing them in water when I can. I use gentle soaps. I Use flock lined rubber gloves when washing up dishes or I avoid it and I will do the drying up and putting away instead… I Rub in moisturizer or oil into nails. I use coconut oil or a Vitamin E Cream.Cotton Gloves from the Pharmacy over creams or oil at night. I Cut away as much of the lifting nail as possible to help keep it dry and air. I use a prendiisone cream called Advantan. I am able to recognise when my nail is going to lift because it usually starts to feel sore so a the first sign I rub in coconut oil and this has helped prevent it from spreading over the whole nail and it stays smaller in size…