I am having a lot of fears about taking Humira. I was on Enbrel in the past and it seemed to treat my psoriasis well, my side effects were nausea, fatigue, and headaches. But when I was diagnosed with arthritis they prescribed me humira. I have only taken two shots and I feel so drained everyday, I don’t know if it is fatigue, depression, or anxiety. I just know that I haven’t been myself. I am not sure how to deal with all this. I am only 22 and I have a four year old. This wasn’t how I pictured my life with her. :frowning:

I am currently on Embrel and yes, i feel nauseous a lot. I haven’t tried Humira and I am very sorry to hear you are feeling so drained. It must be very hard being so young and wkth a little one yourself. My heart goes out to you. Xoxo

I've done both: first Enbrel, now I'm on Humira. Give it some time. It is working for me and I have just tapered all the way off Prednisone and MTX. My shoulders and upper back stay a little stiff still but I'm trying to take less drugs so I'm putting up with it for now. I am more nervous that my psoriasis will come back since I stopped the MTX but I think I actually feel better off of it. I know the Humira is working for me but it took awhile. Hang in there!


I am sorry you are having such a rough time. Here is my experience.

Humira is actually an easier drug to take the Enbrel and has the ability to help many ailments.

Ii have been on Humira for 2 years with no side effects, I think you might be having some overall anxiety..which is normal.

The easiest way to measure the effects of Humira is to stop taking it for a little while (time period depends on how opften you take it now) I would suggest one month.

1. see how your body feels

2. ask yourself if you are having anxiety or worries or fears now that you are not taking it .

My problem is that i have psoriartic arthritis with fibromyalgia, While my psoriasis is gone ( itake a shot of humira every other week) i am not so sure humira has helped my overall arthritic condition. my toes still get swollen and stiff .

I was told that Humira shouyld be taken with methotrexate. I stopped taking methotrexate because THAT drug scared me more, as it is a chemo drug and in larger doses i believe the LONG term effects could be bad.

Here is the deal:

1. Try not to get freaked out. It is NOT life threatening.

2. If you can not take Humira, thay is ok..then there will be another drug. There are many.

3. Try to journal how you are feeling and any difference you feel once a day.

4. Love your baby and live your life!

Take Care,



Hola Lena,

You are so young, and full of life! Never let an obstacle in life get the best of you. We can adapt to changes as they come. At first, when the doctors tell you about your condition, it is natural that you may feel apprehensive. But once you process it, you adapt. We are here for you, and we are there. Have you discussed with your doctors about the fatigue, depression and anxiety? You should.

Now Enbrel, as well as Humira treat both conditions. I was feeling the way you do without ever taking those meds. I don't know if they are part of the package, but I know that after I talked it over with my doctor, I can say it is under control.

I wish you the best of luck. Just remember that you are not alone.

The way my doctor explained it was that which ever medicine worked best for that person would be the best to take. I started out on Humira 3 years ago with MTX. I had terrible side effects from Humira. I asked the doctor to switch to Enbrel because I felt the side effects might not be as bad. I was happy to see this was correct. I take just the Enbrel now and my side effects come and go but have never been anywhere near as bad as with the Humira.

I am sorry you are having problems at such a young age. I can see why you would feel the way you do, this is not the life I pictured for myself either. I think Gelita has a good idea that checking with your doctor about these feelings of depression and anxiety are a good idea. There are some other medications available as well as Enbrel and Humira so research your options then ask your doctors about them. :)

Fatigue, depression, and anxiety are also part of PsA. (and also feed it) If you are only 22 and have a four year-old, I would guess you have been dealt a pretty tough hand. Most 22 year olds are busy trying to decide on Red or Green Jello shots (tequilla or voldka) and where to go for spring break not how to run a household and deal with a chronic illness. Four year olds are second in stress only to 16 year old's the day they get their drivers license. Unless your last name is Gates or Romney, you are at your lowest earning capacity and highest expense.

The medications will help (IN TIME), but MORE important is to develop your support network now. ALL parents need some time off.

Sorry you're having a rough go at it right now but my experience with all of the medications there is always an adjustment period for our bodies to go through. I have been on Enbrel, Humira, and now Remicade; with each change my body went through fatigue, depression, and anxiety. Also some not so wonderful nausea. Do talk to your doctor about the depression and anxiety; it could be serious.

I have found through each medication change, it does mellow out and then I start to feel much better. So, give it some time to work before judging your life currently; you may be very surprised later when the medication is working at its best.

Good luck and pray your future will be bright.


Thank you so much everyone. All of your responses and support really helped me a lot. I am glad I joined this group because I just didn’t feel like I had anyone around me who understood what I was feeling. My dad has RA and is on Humira but he has a tougher shell and I don’t know how to talk to him about all this. I am glad in a way to hear that many of the things I am feeling are normal and they will hopefully pass with time. I will talk with my Dr more and make sure everything is okay though.

I really just want to find a way to handle this day to day. I don’t want to spend everyday in bed. I am less than a year away from achieving my bachelors degree and I really want to enjoy my career (teaching) as much as I can. I also want to be in my daughters life in everyway possible. She is my world and she deserves the best.

Thank you do much again everyone!

What are you going to teach??? Do you have student teaching ahead of you yet. Your family must be VERY proud of you.....

Way less than half of traditional students get as far as you (those who just go to school and daddy writes the checks no family to worry about or disease)

I am getting my degree for teaching elementary. And I really think I am going to get my credentials in special education. I look forward to my student teaching time in the future as I know that that is really when I will get to learn the day to day job of teaching and the hands on experience. And yes I believe my family is proud of me :slight_smile:

Student Teaching is also a huge AUDITION.... network well.

FWIW my wife still supervises Student teachers for the U here. She says Spring is not only a good time (career wise) BUT a whole lot less work. The kids are easier to deal with and in "mode" curriculum wise they are on a roll so lesson Plan(s) take less prep..... (not onlthat but your sposorin/supervising teacher normally gives you more head.

Thank you :slight_smile: that’s very helpful to know!

I have learned to take life one day at a time. If it gets hard, I take a moment at a time. "Today is only a few hours ahead." Tomorrow will be another day with plenty of expectations, and with a different me.

If I need to rest today, hey, rest is not bad!

(I am a retired Kindergarten Teacher)

Thank you, really thank you everyone. It already means so much to me to know I’m not alone. I felt like no one knew how I was feeling. All of you have given me hope and for that I am truly thankful :slight_smile:

I don't know what your beliefs are, Lena, but when things start to get me down I try to remember to ask for a hand from my higher power, whom I call God (but He answers to many names!) when I awaken each morning, at the very least it opens my mind/eyes to possibilities in the coming day. I also sometimes have to hand things off to my higher power when I go to bed at night. It helps me and I feel less alone and helps my mind let go the worries. I too struggled as a single Mom of a son but it is all worth it in the end. I found ways to parent when my joints were bad (such as movie days and breakfast for dinner!) and you will too. Just enjoy your baby and remember to cut yourself and her some slack. It will all get done and what doesn't get done really didn't matter.

Was Enbrel all you were taking? Were you also on methotrexate?

In the past I took enbrel on its own to treat my psoriasis. It worked very well for my psoriasis, but I didn’t have the arthritis symptoms yet. When I was diagnosed with arthritis they prescribed me Humira. And my rheumatologist wanted me to take it along with methotrexate. However, my dad had a very severe negative reaction to methotrexate which put him in the hospital. And also I hope to have more children in the future so I asked my rheumatologist if I could do without the methotrexate.

Enbrel and Humira are used for more than one medical condition. I have been on both after been diagnosed with PsA. My sister takes Enbrel for RA. As a matter of fact it is possible to go from Enbrel to Humira and back to Enbrel again, like in my case. Drs. many times combine them with other drugs. While you are advised to take it with Mxt, I take it with Arava (Leflunomide).

I am not opposed to taking it with another medication. I just am affraid to take methotrexate. :frowning: … I really want to have more kids in the future.