Your input? After effects of Humira

I wondered if someone might be able to tell me from their own experience if this will get better or if I need to consider another treatment for my P & PsA.

I recently switched from Enbrel 50mg auto injector to Humira 40mg auto injector after my Rheumy found PsA now progressed down my lower spine.

Ive taken 2 Humira injections and I can safely say, my body must hate it! Both times I had a fever for 48 hours which tiredness accompanied for good reason. With the 2nd injection I got a **lymphoma rash around the injection site and it hurt and itched for 5 days after. On the positive; seems any visible Psoriasis is completely gone. Knees, feet, hands, hip, neck and back are feeling much better than before, range of motion is much easier.

But I wonder if this will be the norm, or will the bad effects go away as my body accepts Humira.Or should I be talking to my Rheum to consider a different treatment. It seems the other options he suggested before Humira, was Methotrexate with Enbrel or with Remicade (IV infusion).

After my Enbrel injections I would feel nauseous but it would pass pretty quickly. At the injection site, almost always had a little red lump that dissipated over the day. And always had Psoriasis spots break through that needed topical attention. Obviously the PsA got worse and movement was becoming a burden.

**Regarding the lymphoma rash, I base this knowledge off my dermatologist taking a biopsy of a lymphoma rash I had in the past. For me, typically raised pink skin and fierce itching that will drive you insane. But apparently under Enbrel I started getting these but blood test negative for actual lymphoma.

I have injection site swelling and redness from Humira, but that is the only side effect I get. It sounds like the Humira is working good for you. I would talk to your rhumey about the side effects though.

I have no real side effects to speak of. The mtx was much worse...Humira is just a headache for a day or two. I have seen improvement but my symptoms still break through. Like flaring despite my general improvement. Hope it gets better for you.