Eye Pressure and Pain

Just wondering if anyone is suffering from eye pain and pressure?

If so, has this been dx as part of PsA?

What relieves this?

Rusty x

I have eye pain all the time but never spoke to my dr about it. There is something called sjogrens syndrome that people with any type of arthritis can get. But also meds cause dry eyes which result in painful eyes. About 20 yrs ago i was on meds for headache and it made my eyes very painful & dry stopped the meds & it went away. Now i always feel my eyes, more the left than the right, are swollen or inflammed & hurt to the touch, bright lights bother me too. I also would like to know the answer or tips for your question, thanks for asking it.

I’ve had flare ups of the eye before…very uncomfortable! Called iritis or uveitis. Can be associated with PsA. Be sure it’s not that…you’d know if it was, I’d imagine…mine got quite bloodshot and was quite uncomfortable. I needed to use prednisone-based eye drops to clear it up. Flare ups like these can damage the eyes if not dealt with expediently.

You don't by any chance have diabetes, do you? I have PsA and diabetes, along with a few other issues, (like the rest of us) but I have had the same symptons and my eye doctor did say that it could be caused from dry-eyes and gave me medication for it....eyedrops...one otc and one prescription. They really help. He also said it could be associated with diabetes...I would have that checked out as well, if possible. Hope you feel better soon.


I have been to ophthalmologist this summer regarding this...He found nothing wrong and said the pain is likely referred, and after finally being on Celebrex for a couple months I did notice the pain decreased...but I notice direct correlation between my flares and my eye pain. My eyelids get puffy too...and are very dry but my ophthalmologist just said to make sure I remove my eye makeup every night and hold a hot cloth over my eyes for 5-10 minutes to help with that...I'm having a hard time following through with those directions just because I'm so tired at night I just want to fall into bed! When I told my rheumy about my observation between the puffy eyes and flares he said he had not heard of that before. I also notice my gums bleed more during flares and he didn't know what to make of that also...butI think that if your body is in a state of inflammation that puffy eyes and and bleeding gums would just make sense...thoughts?

I have problems daily with my eyes: I essentially have to shut them down by 9:00 pm. My ophthalmologist (a very difficult word to spell correctly with sore and tired eyes) maintains that my eye problems are indeed a direct result of PsA (or Phil's Disease as I like to call it lately). I have reading glasses, distance glasses, take Restasis and use systane but I still have problems. It's a drag. I have no solutions except I have found that resting my eyes for a short time regularly works when I have a task I want to complete. [e.g. Watching a baseball game (DC Nats) requires that I rest my eyes between innings--I use a sleeping mask for 3 minutes each break--I can stick it to the end of a game that way. Talk about priorities.

I do recommend the eye drops and resting the peepers too.

It was definitely worth asking by the looks of things.
Thank you kindly for the responses.
The only tip I can offer is a very warm shower on my closed eye. This helped last time.

This is a great topic, I have had a few flares with my right eye, what happens is I feel so much pressure just behind my eye, the right one not the left. It feels like it's barely open yet it does not look like that, there is some puffiness underneath and above the eyelid. it is very uncomfortable and has only happened a few times so far. I've been wondering if it has to do with my PsA

Do you get headaches that start behind your eyes? I have your symptoms and the headaches. I went to an opthamologist who took a photo of my eyes. The photo pics up things that normal eye tests can't. I would recommend having one done.

This photo picked up that I have Intracranial Benign Hypertension. Which is basically swelling of the optic nerves which cause me to be sensitive to light, get floaters in my vision etc. I took a 12 mth course of Diamox for it, which cleared it and the headaches decreased. This lasted for almost 12 months but unfortunately over the last 2 months the headaches have returned and so have the eye issues. I will have to go and see the opthamologist again and get another photo taken and start another course of Diamox. Hope this helps you.

I should also add that it affects my right eye more than the left one.

Wow… This is some really great information. I am going to look into that photo thing. My left eye is worse than my right , puffiness under & on top, headache behind the eye… My exact symptoms. Been going on for a couple of years. Thank you!

This has definitely helped me. I have the the same symptoms as Chandilli and Dee.
I am gettinf a referral this week to an opthamologist.

Yes, but there are all different problems associated with the eyes, so you definitely need to get checked out. It could be iritis, uveitis, blepharitis (which is more external).

Personally, I've had a few different issues, including inflammation of the retina. Since I switched meds, my eye doctor is thrilled with how my eyes are looking. It's the best control I've had in a long time.