Eye Pain- Sjogren's complication

I know we've been talking a lot about eye pain but I'm not sure what's going on. My eyes have gotten progressively dryer the past few weeks so I started Restasis for Sjogren's but it hasn't started working yet. Today, about a couple hours ago, my eyes started to really hurt. I use drops every 20 minutes but it's not a superficial, gritty or stingy hurt, it's a throbbing eye ball hurt. But this isn't uveitis is it? The light just started hurting too. No double vision, not blurry (although I feel it may be a little "off"). I have access to urgent care and will go later if it doesn't stop but I was wondering what experiences people have had as far as Sjogren's complications.

I've had that, the pressure feeling in my eye, with light sensitivity. Urgent care won't likely do much good, as they can only do a really cursory exam. They can check and see if you have a scratched cornea, and for really extreme situations. It's likely inflammatory, as this has been the case for me.

In the meantime, wear sunglasses, wear a hat outside to keep the light out of your eyes. You may want to contact your eye doctor's office, and find out who the weekend backup is. Keep using the lubricating eye drops, just to ensure that you aren't having surface troubles, that may be felt deeper in.

Don't get me wrong. If you are concerned enough, by all means, go to urgent care. They CAN check for a few things. They may prescribe steroid drops if there appears to be inflammation.

I guess I’m concerned because my rheumatologist said to go to ER if i have eye pain, blurry vision, or sensitivity to light. I don’t have an ophthalmologist, just optometrist so i wouldn’t know who to call. Hopefully it just goes away!

Sorry I didn't get back on until now. I would go in then.

Do you know if having psoriasis around your eyes make eye problems more likely? I found two little patches that popped up on my face today, right around one of my eyes.

I wouldn’t think so. I know my husband has right around his eyes, with no eye troubles.

Hi there :slight_smile:
I have been having major problems over the last 2 years with my right eye… Turns out I have recurrent corneal erosions (google it), however I had no history of eye trauma. I went to see a sub-specialist in corneal surgery and he said my PsA most likely predisposed me to dry eye, which led to the problem…might be worth looking into. Good luck :slight_smile: