Exhausted from taking a bath!

On those good days, or many times 'forced days', I think I am able to ride in the car just to get to the grocery store that is 5 minutes away, by the time I get ready, I'm too tired to go!! I know, take your bath the night before, but the bath is very soothing to my back, helps limber me up a bit! I hate this!!

Hugs, SK! I've had those days/weeks/months!!!

I hate days like that :/. Hopefully you'll get a second wind of energy today.

Well thanks girls, I am now sparkling clean, head to toe, smell like a flower, I do!!! Probably won't be going anywhere, as we are going to get hammered with yet another storm!

Now the question is will I set my hair when it's dry? Perhaps, I do this in stages! My God, I sound ancient!

Okay you smell good, its wing night, at the neighbor hood, you are getting hammered, there is another storm and your hair is dry.

In my Pollyanna world:

Sounds to me like you are in a nice dry spot away from the storm eating well and soon to feel no pain.

Sounds to ME like an ideal night.

Indeed it does, but nobody wants to go!! Just me!! I could get in trouble going alone, been so long since I had a drink, one beer may either put my butt on the floor, or up on the bar!!! Who could know!! Yes lamb, I promise if I am well enough to get on the bar I will have a video taken!!

I used to have some pretty good belly dancing moves, and some beautiful costumes, before I got so old and crippled up!! Now I have a bit too much belly, and no good moves!! LOL!!!

Oh, hubby says there's beer in the basement fridge, and he just baked and sliced off a ham!! What a plan!! I'm on my way to the basement, there is harder stuff too, aging as we speak, time to do some dusting!!!!

It IS a lot more fun to talk about than do these days eh!

For sure lamb!

Hang in there SK. Sounds like a "Garfield" kinda day. I have them often now. Even though the Garfield comic was not originally my favorite, I've grown to appreciate the kitty's point of view! Some Garfield quotes at: http://www.allgreatquotes.com/garfield_quotes.shtml

A few of my favorites:

I'll rise, but I won't shine.

Anybody can exercise... But this kind of lethargy takes real discipline.

If people were meant to pop out bed we'd all sleep in toasters. (love this one!!!)

Some people have anxiety attacks, some people have gas attacks ...I have nap attacks.

Odie, let's talk effort versus return here. You know, you can still lead a pointless life without all that running around.

Thanks DMara, that put a chuckle into such a sad subject!