Good afternoon! This is my first blog post and I am new to this group. I am not normally one to share how I am feeling or what is going on in my life. So I am trying something new......

This past weekend was an extreemly busy one for my family and I.....Yes, I over did it!!!

I spent all day friday cleaning house and doing laundry along with all my normal "housewife/stay at home mom" duties. Then on Saturday I did all the grocery shopping and hosted a movie night for 14 8-9 year old little girls from the Girl Scout Troop I lead. After they left I cleaned up the mess and finally crawled into bed. My pain increasingly got worse and I did not sleep well at all!! As for Sundays we are a HUGE NFL Football family. My husband has season tickets to the Washington Redskins but normally has a friend go with him to the games seeing I am not able to go out in cold damp weather. This past Sunday my husband and I attended the game together. The weather was PERFECT!!! Sunny and 72 degrees. The game was very exciting and I had an amazing time! We left our home at 11am and didn't get home until after 10pm. We walked alot and sitting in stadium seats are not very comfortable.

It is Wednesday and I am still exhausted!!! I have NO energy to do anything. I sit from 9am to 12noon in my recliner....I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter that has had to play by herself and I am feeling quite guilty :-( Mypain level is at a 9 out of 10. I have my monthly Remicade infusion this friday and then go to my alternative healer...I see no end in sight and feel like my energetic self is gone for good! I have been depressed this week.....more than the normal pain=sadness I deal with. I know I'm tired but it feels like something more.

I am trying to get myself moving because I have so much to do today!

Your weekend sounded like my weekend without the sleepover. If you feel like I do, you are exhausted and our body is telling us to take it easy for a few days. Maybe the Remicade will make you feel better. Take care and keep us posted.

Your weekend sounded like mine with the exception of the sleepover. Maybe we both over did it and our body is telling us to slow down. Take it easy the next few days and see if the Remicade helps.

I have our weekly Girl Scout Meeting this evening then nothing planned for tomorrow. My whole right arm is barely useable but at least 8-9 year old girls are very understanding :slight_smile:

No wonder your exhausted! Wonder woman or what! You need to take time out, and by the sound of it your body is not giving you a choice. When I over do it (and we all do) I hold on to the fantastic time I’ve had and suffer the pain and exhaustion as a penance.
I had a fantastic weekend away with 2 girls from work (booked this week off as I knew I’d be paying back)
Hope you get some relief soon, one of the problems with this condition is it will not let you be the person you were physically. That must be so hard as a young mum, please be gentle with yourself and just do the essentials. I’ve learn to distinguish the essential tasks from all the others that I think should/ would like to get done…its amazing what we think is essential when really its not! X

Only got maybe 4 hours of sleep last night. Between my pain and my youngest daughter waking up 7 times there was little sleeping being done! Now I’m up to get my older daughter ready for picture day at school. Thank God my youngest still naps during the day…I won’t make it through today without one! :frowning:

Where would we be without napping! Something I find very hard when at work…no naps! That’s what strong coffee is for :slight_smile:
I hope your days not too bad and you manage to get some rest