Hi everyone.

Happy Thursday! (or whatever day it is when you read this!)

The past few days I've had some extreme knee pain but today started the extreme fatigue! Goodness me. It feels as if I was hit by a large truck. Brain fog, forgetfulness, need to sleep, no appetite, etc. If I were alone today I would crawl back into bed and sleep this one out, but I have a young child. So, question, what do you do to try and make the most of your extreme fatigue days?

p.s. I have xrays planned for my knees tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Cold showers and try to get a nap or even just watch something fun with said young child… I do wish you luck with your X-rays - hopefully nothing too bad!

This was me starting when my little one was about a year old. Honestly? I would do something with him then rest on the couch. Then do something again and rest. He was a master napped and we would take two hour naps most day, until he was close to five years old.

Thanks Golfnut and Stoney!

Thankfully my knee x-rays came back unremarkable. So glad! (A bit miffed since there is no physical reason for this pain, but I digress.) The fatigue is letting up a bit but still heavy with brain fog. The weather has been seriously bad the past few weeks and I know that is playing a part. (I live in Texas.) Things are going well besides that.

Sometimes I wonder if this is the best I will feel with PsA. I wish someone could tell me that. I can handle the truth and it would be reassuring. I have a rheumy appointment in July and I will bring it up. Considering physical therapy with the knee exercises. Have a lovely weekend!

My X-rays are typically unremarkable. But it doesn’t mean you have to live with pain. When I have one troublesome joint that persists I will ask for a PT prescription. It can make a really big difference. I encourage you to do so too.