Extremely Tired

I have been doing well for a little over a week, except that I have some kind of chest cold and on antibiotics. I was able to go to work Monday and Tuesday
. I went to yoga, guided meditation class last night and im extremely tired today. Im not in much pain. Hopefully, its just a fluke thing and not a sign that a flare is coming. Any thoughts?

It sounds like today is a good day to be home. Sometimes it can be a bit tougher to kick something. Maybe with resting today, you'll be feeling much better tomorrow. Two days in a row of a full schedule while you're still fighting illness is a lot.

It's not uncommon to be tired when you have PsA. "Unusually tired" is a norm for some, a passing thing for others.

For some, things like yoga and guided meditation, although peaceful practices, can cause a lot of physical and emotional release, as well as release of toxins from muscles (yoga) ... and cause one to be tired the next day.

I hope your energy returns soon!

FYI when I'm sick my body is busy attacking the germs and my PsA feels better. I know I'm getting better from the cold or infection when I start to hurt. My revved up system starts attacking me again.

Im not sure why im so tired but im pretty emotional today as well, possibly the yoga meditation, feeling very depressed and alone. That probably plays a role in it. Anyways, trying to stay afloat. We will see what tomorrow brings. Id love to go to work and feel somewhat productive. Thanks

I am sorry you are blue NGUH, I am sending you hugs and prayers. Tomorrow will be a new day. M

Thanks Michael. Home again today, I will be contacting the doctor. I’ve notice some pain on my right side.

I can relate. I too have a chest cold that the kids brought home from school. They were sick first and since I have been on biologics I catch everything that comes down the pipe. I was going to post the same question I am so tired I have to make myself do anything just feel like I’m made of lead. What gets me is every time I mention it to the docs they just blame it on the arthritis but never offer any help. I blame my fatigue on the meds I am on. I wish you the best and a speedy recovery.

Yuck! I can relate. I think for some, fighting two illnesses takes more of a toll on the body. I'm going through that right now. Rest and take care of yourself. I hope you do not flare. Feel better soon.

Ok, so today I have abdominal pain called my rheumy, she told me to get blood work. My primary wasn’t in until 4, so I went to the ER cause I wanted answers and was freaking out thinking it was something serious. It turns out that I’m having an IBS flare up now. I’ve had plenty IBS flares before, this was much different. Grrr, if its not one its the other . I guess because im on all these new meds I am feeling it. Will call my gi tomorrow. Happy my joints aren’t flaring. I feel so pressured about work, I really need to be there. People depend on me to be there and for the past few months. I’ve been out more than in. I feel, im losing part of my independence slowly.

The kids brought this home too. My chest cold. I hope you feel better soon.

Never give up hope said:

The kids brought this home too. My chest cold. I hope you feel better soon.

I am back. Computer and internet trouble. It was topped with troubles with my Diabetes, Pulmonary Embolism, among other health issues. But I am back now, internet working.

Hi Never..., I am always saying I am tired of feeling tired. With me it is now becoming a "part of my personality". Rest works for me. Even a few seconds where I rest my head renews my strength to get going.

Hoping for a well and blessed Christmas full of family and friends around you.

Welcome back Gelita. I missed you. I had hoped you were having fun. I am sorry for your troubles but sending hugs and prayers for a wonderful Christmas for you. Michael<3

Thanks! Got me at a low time, crying and feeling sorry for myself. Heck, once in a while I cannot help myself.

I am having one of those myself lately. PsA is no picnic and holidays can be hard when you don't feel good. But I've got you (and lots of my friends here) in my prayers. It always helps.

Went outside, felt that fresh air on my face, went to the store and bought me some treats, and it felt good. Would've looked at the stars in the sky, but it was cloudy. That's okay. It was cool enough to wipe my tears away. <l- I feel better now.

I am afraid in Vermont right now they would freeze on your face........<3

Blessed to live in Florida, but looooove Vermont.