Need some perspective please

Hi gang! I am fairly new to the site and to the disease.....I need some perspective....

I have a pretty good pain tolerance....examples....1 pain pill the day of gallbladder sgy and 1 day after. It was Laproscopic.....I have also passed many kidney stones....only the first one "got" me. I'm 52. There are days when I do really well and there are a run of days when I am SO exhausted I could sleep 24h and still be very tired! then there are the days where my knees hurt so I have a hard time walking or my hands just really ache. I also have Psoriasis that is quite literally EVERYWHERE and some days it hurts to sit on my bum!

OK, rambled long do I know when I'm just being whiney and need to buck up vs when I need to listen to my body?? May seem stupid to ask but I'm so frustrated I just need some opinions please.....

Thanks in advance!!

I’m only 32 and have the same problems. I had a c-section and only took ibuprofen for pain, so I have a pretty good tolerance as well. Lately, my husband thinks I’m lazy because I’ve been too fatigues to do anything around the house. I could sleep literally all day. The days I have to work I obviously have to buck up and deal with the fatigue and aches and pains, but if I don’t have to work, I listen to my body and don’t push it otherwise I set off a flare that takes me forever to recover from.

I find that when I am comatose with fatigue my disease is out of control and my meds need adjusting or changing. When the fatigue is just a nuisance I just need to get going and the fatigue fades with activity. Talk to your Rheumy, they may be able to adjust your meds. Also this has been discussed on this board before. Use the word fatigue to search past posts that will offer some ideas in dealing with this. Sometimes the fatigue is more disabling in PsA than pain but there are ways to deal with it. Good luck!

Thanks for the feedback! I am currently only using Advil during the day, until it tears up my stomach, and then Codeine/Tylenol at night when things get really bad. I was supposed to start Humira but they just found a growth in my kidney so waiting to discuss with new Rheumy.

Thanks Michael for the suggestion of searching past posts. :)