Exhausted more than normal

I'm an instrumental music teacher and see about 300 students weekly at 10 schools. We had our concert week this week; four nights of back to back concerts with 10 schools worth of students. I am beyond exhausted. I slept until 12 today, ate lunch, and went right back to bed.

I'm finding it more and more difficult to do my job these days, but love it and can't imagine doing anything else. Still, I know that this will be a useless weekend for me because I can't find the energy to do anything. :(

Is this part of the disease, or is it just me??

Dear Ibeth

Hello – already this truth was hidden near me but your problem in beyond exhaust have forced me that I write it . united state is a land according federal or state rules people are not allowed they hanging his/her dress ,carpet ,blanket and bed sheet from veranda or garden ,well mite can growth easily and effects to our body . please put out old furniture call home cleaner and refresh the home in the class room one window must be open or have ventilator fan that change air in the room because breath from students can cause asthma . thank ferhad

It is likely the disease. Chronic fatigue was my first symptom. I first went to the Dr. 10 years ago with this complaint, along with minor joint issues at the time. The doc, nor I made any connections to PsA. The bloodwork was run for everything from thyroid, RA, to Epstein Barr and Lyme. All were negative. I was told it was stress and motherhood. I did not get a PsA dx until I hobbled into the Rheumy's office in March with the most swelling and pain I'd ever had. He saw the psoriasis, and the pitted nails, and that was the clincher. I was told by him and my new GP that any systemic inflammatory disease could cause alot of fatique. Some of the meds also make you tired too, but I use that to make me rest. I don't beat myself up anymore for sleeping 12 hours. Sometime this happens after only having slept 6 hrs or less for 2-3 nights previous to that. Therefore, I deserve the catch-up time. So do you. I have "useless" days too, but am learning to adjust. It is hard because I've always been extremely driven and energetic, but I am adjusting to a slower pace. It is okay! Hang in there, you'll inevitably have some higher energy days too and will learn to use them the best way you can.

Well, I'm not diagnosed at this point, but I suffer from the SI pain, joint pain and TONS of fatigue. Tons and tons of fatigue. It's become the norm. I think with PsA it kind of is the new norm. But give yourself n ENORMOUS amount of credit for getting through the week with your job (and a busy one at that!) I'm not kidding, that's some accomplishment with PsA.

PS: As DMaraJade so eloquently puts it, you deserve the catch up time. I know it's not what you want but it's what you need. If it makes the rest of the week bearable, so be it. I envy you for being able to still work like that. As I said, give yourself credit for working while affected by such a stressful disease.

The Spoon Theory helped to put the fatigue and pain thing into perspective. If you've not seen it yet:


Ibeth, I empathize with your predicament. Fatigue is my constant companion so I do my best to plan for times like you're experiencing. It's similar to budgeting my vacation time: I'd like to travel 10 times a year but I get only 1 vacation. So, if I know there's an event I want to attend I have to decline other things to rest before and after. It helps to focus on the positive things you can accomplish: it's great that you were able to be there for your students and share their excitement!

Dear Ibeth,

Hello! What an accomplishment!! The malaise and exhaustion that accompany this disease are astounding. so you should be very proud that you can still manage this type of work load, your students are so fortunate to have you!

NOW, please be aware that pushing yourself to this great length can not only cause a flare, but what I call a 'crash'! It will hold you there until you realize how you have to adjust your life.

I always hear "pace yourself", and we all try to do that, however life does not always come at you that way, it seems to come on a pile and the pile gets bigger, as once strong, healthy, driven, extremely capable people it is difficult to pace, to pull back, to know when your rest is more important than a little disarray in the house. You have to rest when you need it. Some of the best advice from a Doctor has been "listen to your body"! We are trained to push, push, push and sooner or later life is going to throw something in the works to slow you down, our something is PsA and the myriad of other things that seem to jump for the ride!

Before I forget it, I agree with Ferhad about the new schools being windowless, I believe air from the windows is far better than just relying on ventilation that is seemingly never cleaned. I never want to live in a home where I could not open the windows and air it out!

By all means, you must read the spoon theory, it say it all really!

Heres wishing you all a drawer full of spoons!


As a general Music teacher, I understand how crazy concert time can be. My concerts always happen when my allergies are at their worst as well. This year, I was diagnosed just after my first concert and I was completely exhausted. I keep decorations and such to a minimal so that the focus can be on the kids and not extraneous stuff - this also helps me in that I don't have as much set up and take down as well. Others have been helping me out alot since the diagnosis and I let them. By my last concert in May, I brought a stool onstage and accepted the fact that I needed the support. I have been upfront about things with my students, they know I am having problems with my feet and were quite understanding about it. Surprisingly it helped so much to lean against the stool and relieve pressure on my feet and I wasn't totally exhausted on the next day. The concert wasn't perfect but it certainly wasn't a disaster either. The true test will be next year as my placement has changed and I will be teaching Pre K, K and 1st General Music. I am very concerned with exhaustion but will do my best. Wish me luck!

Thank you, everyone, for your incredible comments. They help a ton!

Today was a light day for me, so I went home at 11 and slept....I just woke up at 6 pm. My body is just trashed at this point. Only one more week of work, though, and then I'm off for the summer, 8 weeks!

We've been sending good thoughts your way, glad you are able to rest, have to listen to your body! Join us when you can!