While I'm on here

I am supposed to be going to a picnic, just can't get myself going, feel like I've been hit by a ball bat, then someone jumped in with a hammer, then run over by a truck to finish me off! Yes, that good!

It is an all emcompassing beating, places not supposed to be affected, like shins, forearms, ribs... this is in addition to the tail bone, the SI joint, wrists, knee, ankle, foot, neck, sciatica, and the ever debatable RSD.

I am going to go get a bath, shampoo and set my hair, and even attept a bit of make-up, wear some new clothes and sneeks and see if I can't just make it up the mountain to see my dear friend. She is one of the few people in my life that would and does understand if I just can't make it, so of course, I really want to go!!

I have almost become a hermit because it is such torture to ride in the car, even the great one my husband bought especially for me, still every little bump in the road brings on pain beyond definition and belief.

I feel as though I should be putting myself in the 'fairy tale' idea of the 'House' senerio, where you have a team of the very best diagnosticians in the country, allowing them finally decide all that is wrong with me, and proceed to properly treat it.

BUT, I am going to wash away the tears and try to get myself 'together' before my husband returns to get ready!! Wish me luck!

Opana, don't let me down!!!!



I hope the shower works wonders and you're able to get some relief. It's always good to be able to visit a friend who really understands.

I've had that same fairy tale House scenario play out in my head many times - glad I'm not the only one!!!

Thanks, nym!

Im scrubbed, dressed, did my hair, make-up and even dug out my diamond, along with my blue topaz earings from hubby, My God he grabbed me and kissed me like he use to!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad I'm not the only 'nut in the shell' with the House senario!

I know I will laugh, today, so PAIN, PAIN, GO AWAY...

Oh, lipstick and I'm set!


Oh, SK, so sorry to hear of your terrible flare! Especially on a day that's supposed to be fun, and with a friend, no less. I hope you managed to soldier through it in a somewhat manageable manner. Maybe the adrenaline will kick in once you see your friend and carry you through. But please be careful and don't overdo it. Good luck!

love lipstick . I p ut it on and feel like a million bucks. None of this pale pink stuff for me it is plum and red and darling pink ! No lipgloss here LOL pop your pills and have fun

I will admit that I sorta like the feeling of the compression athletic wear that silky smooth feeling. I’ve even come to enjoy lotions apotions and even like that aroma therapy thing. (see I’ll try anything) but I draw the line at lipstick. . . .

Hope you had great time. . . . Funny, but the effort DOES pay off. . . .

Ah, you characters!! Thank you all for the encouragement, and the laughs!! lamb when you change your mind on the lipstick, I want to see the photos, better yet the videos!!

I really had a good time at the picnic, it was great to be with some friends, have some laughs. They even had a ceremony to honor all vets. It was a small group for them, but even so, a surprising number of combat vets from their 20's into their 90's.

I was not at my best, the limp was bad today, but I looked good, and hubby was very attentive, I even had a bit of an appetite. Just goes to show what a little lipstick and some good narcotics will do you a girl!!

Thanks everyone!