Epsom Salt

I was given the advice to soak in epsom salt. Anyone try this? Any results?

Epsom salt has worked well on my feet...I haven't done a full body soak. It couldn't hurt to try. :)

Buy it in bulk from one of our ram materials suppliers. Wouldn't be with out it. OBT if get a bit bound up from usinf narcos, it makes great (cheap dynamite too)

I do epsom salt baths all the time! They help a lot, just don’t use too much and lay too long. Your body Absorbs the salt…

Warm baths are soothing Epsom salts are great but not if your psoriasis is active. It is very drying so use lots ofmoisturizers. Mud baths are also great (you can get bottled "mud" in liquid form to add to your bath). Some spas or health food stores carry this.

Hi bloopoint,

I have tried it a light soak, it helps for muscle pain but watch your skin it will dry it so if you are going to try it after you really need to rinse, I use body soaps made with goats milk and body soaks made with it and my skin is doing well. Best of luck to you.

Epsom salt hurt my psoriasis, which amount to open sores on my feet so, be careful.

Okay thanks you guys. I hate baths because I always feel gross in them so I always shower after them. I'll use lots of lotion. Thanks again!

have you thought about magnesium oil- i use a spray and think that maybe it is a useful supplement x

Hot baths help with muscle tension alot. My pharmacist doesn't think epsom salts have a direct effect on the muscle as the skin and adipose beneath it provide a barrier, but if you think it helps, there's no risk and it's cheap. Like you, bloopoint, I feel I need to rinse off after a bath. Hope you find some relief.

It does help, but makes dry skin even drier! I have to say, I liked lambs answer best, especially the dynamite, what else would we expect from tnt?

I soak in 1 cup Epsom and 1/2 cup baking soda almost every night…it is wonderful!