What, Besides Medications as Ordered helps your Pain?

I realized last night, after a bath, that Epsom salt in the bath really helps more sore muscles. The nurse in me really wants to know why. I have been unable to figure it out but add 2 cups to the bath with lavender bubbles! Pure bliss and I sleep like a baby. What works for you?

I also have discovered that if I do the exercises PT has taught me, after a bath or a stretch out on my heated throw, I have much less pain throughout the day and it also improves my endurance.

That stretching/exercise routine is just critical. I find I can go through it much easier as Michael suggested after a bath, in the hot tub or if I'm really spasaming with my TENS turned on..

Contrary to what we sometimes read here pain/ more pain may be involved (and is likley) any guy who has ever played football and gone down with a cramp knows that. By the time the trainers get done stretching it out, you have felt some pain.

When I was little my mom always put the Epsom salts in the bath for us after we went sledding and got cold or when we did not feel well. I still like that lovely mineral feel as you sink under the warm. Don't know why it's magic but it sure feels like it. I also spend several minutes just stretching and relaxing each joint under the water, so much less friction of course. I find it very helpful on those sleepless nights to get up, fill a tub, climb in and soak until I fall asleep in the tub (small), then move to the bed when I get cold and wake. I just (don't laugh ) wrap up in my snuggie and crawl under just like that. It is soooo much more comfortable... Now I know why I love my heated neck massager so much, we are nearly inseparable some days :)

Paraffin bath for my hands. Really a miracle.