Enough is Enough

So I am writing this so that it becomes a "real" thing. I have been battling with my weight for quite a time now, and I've has enough. In my teen years and some of university I was quite active, even when I was having what I now know was a flare I would push through and some how still mange to play. Since university I've added quite a few extra pounds. I have no real excuse for this. The past two years I have been dealing with the development of this disease and its effects and I've decided that I need to control some thing about my own body in hopes of helping it heal. I am going to loss weight. I cant wait for the summer to come, while I have not been able to take part in my favorite summer sport for the past year and a half this year I will even if I have to take a cart. I am going to join a local gym and start swimming again. I have already started to eat a much more balanced diet and have cut out most of my daily carbs.

I am sorry about posting this here but I had to, I've been saying this for years but I finally mean it!

Thanks for a safe place to vent.

That's wonderful! Your body will thank you for it.

My friend has RA and I have PsA and Fibromyalgia. Starting Tuesday we are changing our diet. She lives in Arkansas and I live in the Northwest Territories. We will be each others food buddies. We will be eating healthier and checking in with each other. Sometimes it takes a person to be accountable to. Good luck and do not beat yourself up. Just keep moving forward.

Good luck to you, you can do it! I too had packed on the unwanted pounds and last year decided enough was enough and I lost 45 pounds and have kept it off. One of the best things I do is swim. We belong to a swim and tennis club but that's only in the summer so we joined a gym where I can swim and I also travel for my job about 10 to 14 days a month and all hotels have pools. I have found this type of exercise works best for me as I can't do some of the exercise classes or use some of the machines. Keep us posted on your success!