Enbrel Minis

Anyone else used the new Enbrel minis?

I ran out of samples and my doctor gave me the new minis and the injection device. Used it for the first time tonight. Not too bad.

It does have a battery and it is supposed to last 2 years, then they have to send you a new injector.

I haven’t even heard of this. That’s interesting.

They are just a cartridge with the vial and the needle. You put then in this injector thing and it pushing the needle in and the solution, like the sure clicks. It seems to be a little kinder than the sure click. It is electric and you can choose three different speeds for it to inject.

Being able to control the speed has made a big difference to me with the pre-filled syringes. But for someone who had trouble with the whole needle thing, this sounds like a good middle ground.

Sounds so fancy!

I tried the faster speed and it was a bit much. I got a call and my insurance has finally approved the Enbrel. I am waiting to see which kind I get.

You have to get the injector device from the doc and it has a battery in it that is not replaceable. It says it is got for 2 years and it has a warning light on it.

@tamac, good news on getting the Enbrel approved!! How are you finding it? Any improvement at all?

The minis sounds like an interesting option… will be interesting to see if you are able to continue with them.

All the best!!!

Update. Saw my doc Tuesday and he said I was the first to get the Enbrel MInis from him. They had dropped them off as samples and he got them to me so I could give him a review.

He said they are still going to make the SureClicks and the pre-filleds. I told him I liked them and that the ability to adjust the injection speed was nice.

I picked up my first prescription last night and they come 4 cartridges to the box for $2,800. Thank goodness for the Enbrel Co-Pay card!!!

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