Enbrel and allergies/cold

I started Enbrel almost 3 weeks ago - my 3rd dose is due tomorrow and I have no idea whether or not to take it. I called my rheumy, but have been playing phone tag / my phone is acting screwy. I'm fairly sure this is severe allergies, not a cold. I'm wary of taking Enbrel tomorrow in either case, but I also don't want to miss a dose if I don't have to. What to do?

Tonight I just took my 11th dose of Enbrel. I'm getting over a cold which started last Wednesday. The cold ran it's normal course for me. The enbrel had no effect on my cold. I've been told to be concerned if I get a fever, not for a common cold.

Yeah - temp jump and symptoms went hand in hand. It was in the 50's yesterday and rainy the day before. I totally think it's allergies, so will be taking the Enbrel.

Thanks for putting my mind at ease, everyone! :)

Unless your immune system is compromised already, I don't think Ebrel really disables it all that much. It effects one component... a hyperactive component at that.

Ugh ... felt horrible through Christmas morning, but rapid improvement Christmas Day. I still have some upper respiratory crap going on, so may call my doctor in the morning if it's not improved.

I have taken two doses so far & find it makes me run to the bathroom. I am sick for like 3 days after taking it. Anyone have this problem??

Thanks, Trees! I finally got a few hours of sleep last night without coughing and am vastly improved this morning as far as the congestion goes. My feet are KILLING me, though.

Elizabeth ... I don't have that problem, but it doesn't sound pleasant at all. Hugs!!!

Nym I hope your feet get better fast. Good luck with getting your liver under