Starting Enbrel tomorrow

Have to say that I am very excited about this. Didn't think it was going to happen until the second half of June but I got government approval in 1 week not 3, so I can see my rheumy before he goes overseas to his conference and not after! My appointment is in 20 hours and 18 minutes, not that I'm counting or anything :)

Spoke to a guy today who is on Enbrel for his Rheumatoid Arthritis. He has been on it for 18 months now and he said that he feels like a new person. He was in a wheelchair for 9 weeks and it was MTX that got him out of that, but he said it is the Enbrel that allows him to lead a relatively normal life and go to work. He said that he does have the odd flareup but nothing like it used to be. He also said that for him, Enbrel only took 4 weeks to start working.

I'm so hoping that I get similar results. Can't wait.

Oh good luck! I hope it works well for you

Enbrel has helped a lot of people. Unfortunately I was not one of them. I was on it for 12 weeks and it did no good for me. But for those it helps I hear it gives them their life back. Enbrel is different for everyone, so keep that in mind. It may take you longer to feel the effects of it. Best of luck to you Silkie. Keep us up dated and let us know how you are doing, :-)

Hi Silkie,

I have taken 4 shots of Enbrel now, I have had some really good days and nights, seems as long as a big storm is not brewing I am not as bad as I was before taking it. We have had some big storms spinning off the hurricanes, and my body just thumps and screams when they are building, usually once the down pours are over, I feel pretty good again. I feel more flexible, knee is better, though I took the knox gelatin like Seenie and Reid recommended, could be that helping too. I am very optimistic that Enbrel could make a big difference in my life, and hopefully in yours too!

Wishing you the very best!