Doxycycline and antinflammatory effects

Good Morning. First let me start by saying I am fully aware doxycycline is an antibiotic.
But, there seems to be an a reduction in arthritis symptoms in some people who have taken it, myself included.
Has anyone experienced this? And has anyone been prescribed "doxy" for PsA sx. Not trying to start a debate re: off label usage etc. I am just wondering if other people had a happy "respite from sympoms" while on a course of this med.
I posted this in complimentary therapys as I thought it get more viewers. Thank you.

And please disregard the misspelled words. I know that they are there :) The old "fingahs" as us northerners say, are not working today and I'm to lazy to backspace and fix. I'm not ignorant, just broken :)

Doxy is used for occular rosacia which is pretty common in PsA patients. It at one time was used in early RA treatment as a DMARD. Rarely has been used with PsdA patiernts in that manner as most of us have symptoms more severe than tit can handle. Because of the severe side effects and ultimate nerve damage it causes (not to mention destroying the immune system by weakening it) its rarley used by any but the alternative community. There was foundation a few years bac who was a huge proponent. They have pretty much died out and become a drug rehab program. We used to call their "patients" smurfs as many of them turned blue from the long term doxy.

Thank you for the info tntlamb. That was what I was looking for. They all have their side effects, don't they? Such a shame. Each time I was on the Doxy I was just about PsA symptom free. 72 hours after stopping it the symptoms would return. I would say I have fairly significant symptoms involving numerous joints so the improvement was remarkable and noticable by my family.

I've been told I look good in blue so maybe I have an option here... :) giggle

Thanks again!

tntlamb, this has nothing to do with PsA, but I was reading an older “newbies” (older newbie?) post and you said you has a horse that lived to be 43. If that was you, that is most awesome. I have a 33 year old pony. Sorry this is not on topic and I don’t know if you’ll read this or not, but I just have to say “way cool!” Horses are my life.

Hi -yes I have a lot of experience and knowledge about this. I sent you a friend request to share with you if interested. On this board you are a "smurf" and wont find much support.

It may work for you. Nobody knows where this disease originates. The doxy theory suggests there is an infectious cause and by pulse dosing tetracycline class antibiotics you can gain control of the disease without the harsh drugs. The "blue" is in reference to minocycline not doxycycline. Lamb is uninformed.

Lawson, I'm interested in that, too. I've always wondered if there could be an infectious cause. Would you share that information with me?

The majority of the theories for this disease have counter examples available. If there was such a cheap and easy solution available, most health care systems would embraced it moons ago.

Let me say this...The TNF inhibitors can be very effective in controlling symptoms in many, but not all people. These responders may also have a decrease in joint damage progression. That is miraculous indeed! There is one problem with this (actually there are several problems). The problem I want to point to is the inflection point in the immune system cascade that TNF drugs influence. TNF occurs deep into immune response. Because of this, inhibiting it relieves the symptoms of many chronic, life altering diseases. Thank God!

But this is far away from the root of the problem. What caused the immune system to get out of whack to begin with? Anti-TNF therapy is uninterested because the more they can manipulate the endgame of the immune system, the more disease targets they can hit...and they are right!!! No... this is not conspiracy theory. This is solid logic which I actually agree with!!!! Go for it, drug companies!!!!

In the meantime, the rest of us must assume the responsibility to research our own unique bodies and find what works for us. What is the root cause of YOUR problem?

The other option is place yourself into the hands of the rheumatologist who will most likely follow the EULAR protocols and give you the best, most sound treatment plan available.

I was smurfed off the board a while back but came back to take a peek. I will continue to do diligent research, even if it is all for naught. Blessings to all.

Lawson, when you joined this community in mid 2013 you were here to tell us that you were pursuing antibiotic therapies for your son. You were pointed towards the section on Complementary Therapies for this purpose, this is where unproven treatments are very welcome to be discussed so that these debates help our membership make informed decisions for themselves. You were not 'smurfed' off this board.

I, now, take exception to the tone of your current posts especially when you make inaccurate and unnecessary statements such as 'on this board you are a smurf and won't find much support' when, in fact, the member in question received answers to the perfectly reasonable questions she asked of this community.

Perhaps YOU would like to tell us exactly how your son has been doing on this therapy? This, surely a success story, would be the best possible justification for your argument and continued diligent research?

The original poster received answers to her questions on this thread so I am now closing it to further replies.