Disability and SSI

I applied today. Not the greatest feeling. Now the wait.

Best wishes mimiB! A friend of mine stuck it out through FOUR trips through the system, and finally got back payments and everything. Hang in there!

It's normal to grieve too. You are officially "giving up" on part of your life, and it hurts.

I have had to go this route also. I can't say I am no longer a nurse, once a nurse always a nurse! But I do not get paid for it any more! I keep reminding myself you have to close a door to open a door. It helps to remind myself new stuff is coming as I wind my way through the beurocratic maze......keep your chin up mimi, I am right behind you <3

I know it doesnt feel so good but its well worth it, Iv been on disability for quite a few years and its been a god send really.In this country you are also allowed to work if you wish too which is a great option if you want to work a bit when you can. Good luck with it.

Mimi, I too am in the wait period. I applied Feb 28, 2012 and have been denied twice. I can sit and answer a phone they say. HA! we all know that won't work. Anyway, I am now and have been since last June, waiting for a hearing date. I have hired an attorney and hope it helps. I too, felt really bad the day I applied. But the hardest part was admitting that my job (Medical Assistant) was getting to be way too much for me. It took me 3 years to come to that decision. So I understand and hope your wait is not as long as mine has become. Best of luck to you.

I applied in Dec. 2012. I have been denied once and appealed. Now I am waiting. I got an Attorney because of my age. Hope everything goes well for you. :)

I do not know if it is good news or not but I heard from SSDI yesterday. I got it on my first application. I know my MRIs are bad but at least they could have denied me once so I didn't feel such a wreck! No I guess I won't whine and just be greatful. Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear. It took 5 months to process and I did receive back wages to my last day of work.

I filed in oct of 02,10months after i broke my back and had ended up on a walker…i didnt get it until april of 09!!! it was a long hard wait but i didnt give up & it finally paid of! So keep fighting 4 it no matter the wait!! Maybe it wont b that long for u! Good luck!!

I don't have enough work credits to get disability. I've spent all the time since having my children caring for and homeschooling my special needs child. Ridiculous that doesn't count.

mimiB said:

Michael, that is great ! I am sorry for the rest of you who are waiting. I have not worked that many hours in my past, I was a self employed doula, childbirth educator and lactation counselor. I have also had a small business as a jewelry artist. I had four kids that I homeschooled, so it may be that I don't have enough work history to even get anything. I also applied for SSI but I don't know if I will get that either. I don't know why society doesn't value the work of a mom who spends most of her time raising her kids. it sure saves the government money when she does !

You guys do understand the Social Security, including SSDI, with a few exceptions is for working people who pay in 6% of their income matched by their employers additional 6%.

SSI is available for children with severe handicaps and some adults but is strictly based on need and HOUSEHOLD income but medicaid does not automatically come with it and in most states if there is ANY household income will be charged back on dollar for dollar reduction if a couples income exceeds 13,400.00 (up or down depending on the state.) After 2 years you May be eligible for medicare part a and buy part B and C (everybody has to buy part B and C)

I don't mean to sound judgemental but I don't quite understand why, when people aren't working (for whatever reason including raising kids) and have little or no income why when diagnosed with PsA or what ever other disease they suddenly think they should get an income provided to them by someone else. For the 50+ years I have been paying in, I can't think of a time when I wouldn't sooner have had a 12% raise.

Yes it is hard to get even if you have worked. Keep in mind one of the review board ladies in the west was a thalidimide baby is in a wheel chair highly spastic (in constant Pain) missing one arm and the other is severely deformed. and taps out her work with a soda straw because she can't speak. They will be sympathetic with an older worker for whom its difficult if not impossible to learn a new marketable skill.If you are younger, unless you have a lot of documentation from Voc Rehab plan on years of rejection notices. You will these days be assigned to an independent contractor who likely is as handicapped as any of her clients

That's just it.... moms staying home with kids should be able to pay into the system, even if it is the whole amount (employee plus employer), so that when we become disabled we are able to pull from the SAME SYSTEM. Our work is just as valuable, yet there is no option for that.

Actually there is..... You can get disability insurance (with better coverage) and pay into Roth etc etc. ALL of which will come at a lower cost with a much better return. If I had paid everything into Large Caps Funds (lowest risk) purchased disability insurance speratley I could have the same income I had several years ago ) I work less than I used too because even working part time I earn substantially more than the 1072.00 I would get from SSDI, and have better than 3.5 MILLION to draw on. Instead I will someday draw 2200.00/month for my wife and I.

However my wife who was a stay at home for years we did pay in for the disability (personal investments are irrelevent) and wouldn't you know it.... There's not a Damn thing wrong with her. (other than for some reason she keeps me around)

But I hear you on the handicapped kid. Our Nannys and Care takes aor our Grandaughter (I can't be much help) putting a heck of a hit on our "golden Years"

The problem is WE don't teach our kids this stuff along with other necesaary personal finance skills. We instead spend hours talking about how to use condoms because its relevent never mind we are tying to teach them at home to keep their damn pants zipped up. The kids being sent to us at the universities don't have enough brains to plan therir own schedules let a alone make a decision without calling home....... I have had parents call me from three states away demanding I let there child turn in a late assignment. Then if you want hear someone go ballistic, you ought to hear their response when I say I can't even confirm if XXXX is in my class as they are adults and I can't discuss their business with anyone but them. But if they know someone that is tell them to come and see me. I can reiterate why in a Business School a late assignment is unacceptable unless they called in sick.....

Sorry for the Rant. I hate finals week......

I've was dx with PsA at age 10, I wouldn't have ever qualified for disability insurance.

This is a case where people fall through the cracks. I've got money in a retirement account, but since my PsA has gotten so severe in the past 9 years it would have been nice to draw on some disability.

tntlamb said:

Actually there is..... You can get disability insurance (with better coverage) and pay into Roth etc etc. ALL of which will come at a lower cost with a much better return. If I had paid everything into Large Caps Funds (lowest risk) purchased disability insurance speratley I could have the same income I had several years ago ) I work less than I used too because even working part time I earn substantially more than the 1072.00 I would get from SSDI, and have better than 3.5 MILLION to draw on. Instead I will someday draw 2200.00/month for my wife and I.

Yeah it would be.......

It would have been nice if your parents had been better informed by the medical community. You would likely have been SSI eligible, same with your child now. With as few as $1.00 in need unbelievable doors open for kids. A good disability planner can help.

Everyone of us WILL face some difficult decisions at some point. How many of us have a clue what to do or how to plan.

Isn't THAT the truth

File an appeal anyway......

mimiB said:

I just got my SSI denial letter today. It didn't tell me why I was denied. I worked at a WIC office for a short time and saw how much fraud and waste that goes on. it makes me sick that people who know how to cheat can get benefits and people who play by the rules and pray taxes get screwed.

Mimi, I am sorry you've had to come to this point. I always wondered why you suffered so and still managed to work. I am in a similar position regarding the feeling of loss. I haven't applied as of yet. I can hardly use my hands and can hardly walk. On my days off, I ice nearly every part of me so that i will be up to working my next scheduled day. To qualify, my income would have to drop by 75% or more. I am ready to sell my car and buy a clunker, buiy the cheapest of everything possible and give up retirement saving, student loan payoff soon, and college accounts for my kids. I've worked since I was 16 and am 43 now. Don't know what to do. Anyway, this isn't about me. I support you in your quest. We need to eat and sleep under a roof. I know we didn't plan for this awful disease. Prayers your way, hon!

I did buy disability insurance when my son was young and I was our only income source. We were living pay check to pay check and I knew an injury, I am a nurse, would wipe us out quickly. I purchased it through my employer for a couple of bucks a week. I did not know then I had PsA but have had symptoms for decades. My son is in College and I re-married 5 years ago but I never dropped the disability insurance. I was struggling at work full time, went to part time and struggled for another 2 years and went out on full disability about a year ago. My insurance company required I apply for SSDI. They will subtract the amount SSDI gives me per month to equal 60% of my former pay. I am only 56 but I was struggling in a desk job. My spine and hands are affected so I have trouble sitting, standing, and using a computer. I struggle most days to dress and wash myself. I was very honest on the forms and have been seen by PT and OT so I asked SS to contact them in addition to my medical record. SS was all ready to find me disabled based on my diagnosis of depression. I told them in no uncertain terms I was not disabled due to depression but due to PsA. They did inform me if I insisted I might not receive it due to PsA as I had had a desk job. They seemed to make it sound it would be harder to get it based on PSA instead of depression and that "no one would know" as records are confidential. I assured them I would know and that is enough. My depression is from PsA and not disabling. They did respect my feelings on this but thought I was odd, I should get it for whatever reason and be happy! Apparently I have gotten it for both reasons, depression and PsA and I guess at this point I will keep my mouth shut. I do find I am embarrassed I receive disability and do not readily admit this to family and friends but I have decided I need to "man up'. I try to discuss money matters and plans with my son as it so important the next generation knows what to purchase and how. He got his driver's license after he was 18 last August and seems to be somewhat timid so I try to just hit the basics so he is not to frightened of adult responsibilities. Wouldn't you know today he was in a car accident and my car is looking much worse for it! Now I will be teaching him about insurance! Luckily he has a patient Momma........

Sounds like he has a good Momma....... (and a smart one) The field trip to the body shops will be a great bonding experience.

I dislike fraud in anyway, but if you can get disability, there is little doubt you deserve it. 60% of former pay is pretty close to the actual net, so thats not too bad....

So I will tell you my experience. when my son was killed and his daughter became our responsibility we had to deal with SSI. as she couldn't go on our insurance without us adopting her, (which was not in her best intrests) and her needs more than we were able to commit to. It actually went pretty smoothly. Well until they caught wind of the private therapisits and live in nannies. and they wanted to reduce he benefit by the nannie wages We got that solved although I am embarassed to introduce MY nanny to folks (my wife delights in it) We actually we able to get her approved for a "bridge waiver" that took care of the therapist and support specialist problem thanks to a United States Senator (her dad was KIA) I had to go to the welfare office and sit and wait for an appointmet to get her "card" (they couldn't mail the damn thing) I'm sorry I'm not a prideful person but that had to be the most humiliating experience of my life. I was steamed by the time I got in there I couldn't see strait. I realized because she was legally "a household of one" she was entitled to food stamps, energy assistance and a slew of other "benefits" I was so steamed at this point I decided she by gosh was going to get everyone of them. She did (I dropped everything a month or so later. Now I am a person of above average intelligence (so I have been told), multiple degrees and advanced degress , published, national speaker etc etc.

There may be people who take advantage of the system but there are a LOT fewer of them than you might think and those that do are in the wrong business. The amount of time, intelligence and savvy to do so is incredible, I couldn't do it. I had neither the time or the ability to even gather the paperwork. This is a skill that takes more time and ability than my first graduate degree took to get.

Anyone who thinks KEEPing all this stuff after you get it is easy, is mistaken, anyone who thinks getting it is a piece of cake is in even worse shape. Getting on the dole when you deserve it is hard work I can't imagine what it would take to get there if you didn't deserve it.

Granted there is a little trickery here and there. The doctor who did my Grandaughters initial evaluation was skeptical I could tell. I excused myself to use the restroom and returned 30 minutes later and only when I heard the major meltdown I knew was coming. he told us we could leave, he had all the information he needed.........

Yes we will be bonding over body shops but not over Bondo!

I am sorry for you loss Lamb. My step son was killed in Iraq 2007. I admire that you have taken responsibility for his daughter. That is a big commitment and a truly selfless gift to your son; you are to be commended. Our Adam died without children, he was 21. He did marry his high school sweet heart just before deployment but they were not even married a year when he died. As our other son is gay I have secretly wished Adam had had children prior to his death as it is looking less and less like I will ever be a grandmother! But all is as it should be and perhaps there other plans for me.....

I think you and I have discussed our children before. I do try to discuss with David financial things but at the same time I do like a bit of privacy. I do not want him to ever feel he is entitled to what I have saved or have. But I do want him to see the process of responsibility and putting your money in what you believe, to work for you and to give back. When he was little he said he was glad he was an only child and I asked him why. He said with childish honesty so that when I died he would inherit all my jewelry and not have to share! Too funny! He had witnessed my sisters and I "sharing" my grandmother's jewelry after her death and I guess he decided such negotiations were not for him! So young and all ready so smart.

Yes my husband and I are daily grateful that I had bought that disability insurance from my employer when offered. I also bought into their matching retirement. Our financial situation has not really changed much as a result of my disability for which we are really lucky. But I do pay for a lot of things which we did not pay for before such as my swimming membership and massages. And lots not forget pretty orthopedic shoes! They are available but the cost big bucks! At some point I need to see if my medical insurance will kick anything in towards it. And it looks like I may need to hire a cleaning lady. I am using up a lot of energy taking care of the house when perhaps I need to save it for something more fun. My husband and son are wonderful at taking over some meal making and taking good care of me me but they suck at house care and I feel like their plates are full enough. I promised my therapist to think about this and I do see the wisdom in this but it will take some getting use to. And I surely don't want to part from the cash for something so "frivolous"! I need to ponder how much my dwindling energy is worth.......

thank you Mimi, life is hard on all of us or as Hemingway said, "some get stronger in the broken places".