Diflunisal and Cymbalta for Arthritis pain?

My mother-in-law is on Diflunisal for arthritis pain (osteo) and my RA doc wants to prescribe Cymbalta for my arthritis pain - anyone have any suggestions, thoughts, advise on either of these? Anyone currently on either of them?

I'm on cymbalta ad diclnefac

Are you already taking an NSAID? Do you have nerve pain, as that's what Cymbalta is primarily for?

I asked my doc for Cymbalta for back pain some time ago and he prescribed it. I stayed on it for about a month but didn’t really notice any difference in pain and I couldn’t tolerate the side effects (irritability, insomnia) It did give me increased energy, though, and I did enjoy that aspect! Hope it works for you.

The diclonefac is the nsaid. The cymbalta is supposed to help with the pain..but I take lyrica for the nerve pain.. I also have fibromyalgia.. So I guess I get help with both conditions..

The only side effect of the cymbalta that is difficult to deal with... Is short term memory loss.. It drives me batty sometimes.. Lol

I am not currently on an NSAID. I've tried ibuprofen and aleve but they do nothing. Most prescription NSAID's have helped (diclofenac) but they tear up my stomach. Just asking because my grandmother thought it was odd I wasn't on a prescription NSAID as she is with her RA. I don't think I have nerve pain - however, my RA doc thinks so…but I think it is because I haven't been explaining my pain clearly.

You should be on an NSAID, even ith your vague diagnosis of “Inflammatory Arthritis”. Diclofenac is great to try and there are others if this one doesn’t work out. I recommend asking the doc about a PPI or proton pump inhibitor like Nexium or Pepcid to help with your stomach.
Cymbalta is for neuropathic pain. It often given for dietetic peripheral nerv pain, but can also be taken for fibro. Considering your pain level it so wonder she suggested it. I might try something else first though as cymbalta can be difficult to discontinue if it doesn’t work. Maybe gabapentin or Lyrica? It’s worth an ask. The good news is this: if you have fibro, these drugs can work wonders, so they are definitely worth a try.

Hi Guys... A quick word of warning about Gabapentin... It does work... but it makes you want to eat....and eat.... and eat...

I gained 40 kg in 3 years and thought I had severe anxiety, before someone told me that the Gabapentin does this to you... *sigh* Like most antiepileptic drugs, it both slows your metabolism AND increases your appetite!!

I'm now on Cymbalta, which is controlling my neuropathic pain pretty well... especially the "ants crawling up my legs" feelings and the pins-and-needles, which used to drive me crazy at night!!

Cheers :)

My rheumy says that Diflunisal will usually be easier on your GI system and liver than Diclofenac.

I have ulcer problems with many NSAIDs, but Diflunisal doesn't cause them for me and it does work on pains that I associat with inflammation better than most NSAIDs for me.

Is that medication good? I have heard it is an older medication and a lot of pharmacies don't carry it and sometimes they can special order it. My doc just put me on it after the other NSAIDs didn't work. Anyone on Tramadol? I used that back when I had hip pain and after my total hip replacement. Helped wonders!

Sorry - I was referring to Diflunisal medication.

Grumpy Cat, why is cymbalta hard to discontinue? Is it rebound symptoms?

Kirsten, Grumpy Cat is on a break from this board, and I’m sorry I don’t have an answer for you, You might try sending her a PM. Or maybe someone else knows the answer.

Sis, there are many threads about tramadol on the site. If you go to the top right of any page, you will see a search bar. Key tramadol in and you will get lots of reading material. It worked really well for me before and after my hip replacement too, but apparently it isn’t a good choice for long term use, and can make matters worse in the long run. Or so I have been told.

Thanks Seenie - I do think that being on tramadol can get to a point that tolerance is so high - I was taking more and more tramadol because it wasn't stopping the pain.

My doctor is putting me on Diflunisal and when I talked with my pharmacist he said it was an old medication and was an NSAID but it wasn't any better then the ones I have tried and not worked. What worked for you?

Kirsten, cymbalta has extremely difficult, severe and potentially dangerous withdrawl symptoms. It actually comes with a Black Box warning and the US FDA has actually given the withdrawl symptoms a name "Cymbalta discontinuation syndrome". It's serious stuff!

Kirsten said:

Grumpy Cat, why is cymbalta hard to discontinue? Is it rebound symptoms?

The 'go to' places for medication information are:

In the USA: U.S. Food and Drug Administration

In the UK: Gov UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulations Agency

I’ve been on Cymbalta for five years. It has helped with nerve pain and depression. Along with Tramadol I’ve had less pain for good part of the day. Cymbalta just evens out your day.

Great! Not, my neurologist for my MS wants to take me off cymbalta and try lyrica. I did some reading. Dear heavens! I am very concerned now. I need to find out which of all my dr’s is going to be able to help me manage the withdrawal if I must come off for the lyrica. Ugh! Too many Dr’s and meds!

Kirsten - I so agree with you. If you find something that is working, I don't know why drs want to change it. It is our bodies and I think we should have the top choice of what we are going to put in our bodies. My doc just humoring me with these NSAIDS medication. For 9 months I have tried 4 of them and they are not working for me, I keep asking him for something different to help me get relief because I hurt all the time but then he orders another NSAID and this last time was an OLD one that most pharmacies don't even carry- UGH!! I am thinking about going to a new reumy.....

I was just prescribed Diflunisal and wondered if it is good for PsA... I have been on so many NSAIDS that they just don't take me pain away anymore.. I have heard good things about Cymbala - I may ask my Remy for that next.