Degenerative disc or facet disease?

Just another lovely add on to the PsA. Anyone else have it on their diagnosis?

I just have mild degenerative discs, not sure what it really means in the scheme of things.

Yes for me it is a combination. Mine is exacerbated by having a fusion on 4 discs in my lumbar region that is 18 years old. (I had a congenitive back problem corrected way back then.) Now I'm wearing out the discs above and below the fusion. BUT...the facet pain is so bad. (They actually take fluid out of my facet joints to relieve the pressure every three months or so.) The SI Joint pain, which I truly believe is part of the PsA not the back issues is terrible too. I see a pain specialist for injections to block some of the pain. It's not good on injections and pain meds 24/7 and still in terrible pain each day. The pain down my legs is terrible from my back issues, it feels like my legs will give out on me some times. Top it off with the stiff hand joints, elbow joint, rib pain, scalp psoriasis, red eye, etc. and I'm really in great shape. Sorry to gripe....this is an area I feel like an EXPERT in.

Oh no Lainee!!

Surely you are in agony, I have never heard of this! NEVER! Draining facets? How can you be so sweet? This breaks my heart to think you go through this and WORK? I bow at your feet forever!!

TheMatt speaks!

Hello Matt! So very nice to hear from you! So sorry that you share in this pain, like the rest is not enough!

TheMatt said:

I just have mild degenerative discs, not sure what it really means in the scheme of things.

Oh, I am not looking for sympathy, just to try to discuss and see if others have the same symptoms, etc. And yes, I DO work full time. I am not ready to give up or give in. (and I need the income!) :) Have a good day.

Sorry, not trying to offend, just can't help it, mine hurt me, but no one has suggested such an ordeal, so I just can't imagine how you muster that kind of determination! I'm awed!

Oh, SK, you didn't offend. It is just a fact of my life! :) It does wear thin on me though. Thanks for your compliment.

SK said:

Sorry, not trying to offend, just can't help it, mine hurt me, but no one has suggested such an ordeal, so I just can't imagine how you muster that kind of determination! I'm awed!

I have DDD on top of PsA, fibromyalgia, and Sjrogens; I'm also in awe of you Loinee as I had to quit working many years ago due to the pain and accompanying symptoms. I'm going back to college now (if successful and if I can stay at full-time I will graduate at fifty). I plan on being an English teacher and substitute teaching on the days the pain is bearable and just not working on the days it isn't. Hardly high aspirations but it gives me hope and allows me to see a way back to a level of productivity.

I guess I always assumed everyone with PsA had DDD. Are there really some people who don't?

I do. Just had more injections last week. Have had MANY. The ablation that I had did not help a bit and the injections are probably 20% for a couple of weeks....

Hey Tracy!

Nice to hear from you, don't we just about sound like twins, well, not in age! So young for all of this!

Good for you, going back to school, the closest I come to that is working with the youngest grandkid and great grandson, have no mind or stamina for any of that anymore. I admire your aspirations, and surely wish you all of the things you desire and many more wonderful things to come!

I know you spend time on the other groups, but please drop in when you can!

Not sure if everyone has had their discs and facets hit yet!

BTW, facets are the the part of the spine that allow you to bend, twist and extend.

I feel what you're sayin'!!! I go every 12 weeks for injections and have been doing it for about 8 years .

I admire you both for that, injections and I have come to a passe, I said that I would never, ever do that again, but may just have to eat my words someday, hope not, Lamb gave me a better idea, if I can find the right guy to just cut the nerves! BTW, I have a stenosis kicker, so that may be the never, never deal breaker!

All of these women of power I am meeting, it's astounding! Men of power too! For sure!

Hello there, I had xrays done in Feb as I was in so much pain in the lower back. The findings are facet joint arthropathy at L4 and 5
Not entirely sure what it means. Have pain if I sit or stand too long
As well as when walking. Also have pain going down the back of my right leg

Hey JoJo!

Nice to hear from you!

Really! Oh my, I know about the pain! So just what did Doc tell you about it all? Mine gives me a print out that describes it all, but of course I come home get on the computer and try to disect it, not the champion here, but learning my way!

What facet arthropathy means is degenerative arthritis of the part of the spine that makes bending, twisting, and extending the body possible.

Do you go to a Rheumatologist?

Hi SK. I do see a rheumy but he hasnt explained everything in detail. He seems to concentrate more on the treatment. I have to ask questions and read up most of the time what i need to know and im no closer to understanding all the ins and outs of this condition

So gal, you need to make it your job to come to a better understanding! We will help as much as we can, lamb should have been a Dr! You need to join us more ofen! Really, lots of wisdom here!

Sure do. L2/3,L3/4, L4/5, L5/S/1 all showing facet damage, canal stenosis, damage to tendons holding vertebra together. SI joint tendons badly damaged. If I don't do my stretching and strengthening exercises daily I'm in trouble but, boy, they do hurt to do! Usually feel better afterwards though.

pain control is so difficult and the options without side affects are limited so I use the exercise and a range of drugs to help but the level of pain at times is so extreme it makes my heart atrial fibrillate once or twice a month. On the good side the exercise from taking all my medications keeps me fit.

Mild degenerative disc disease. My doc said it's pretty common in middle aged people.

Lainee, I'm sorry as heck about what you're going through! You are absolutely amazing to continue working full time with all that's going on in your life. I'm impressed. Good for you for keeping fighting. But what you're going thru gives me shivers...

Hi SK,

I was told I have some level of degenerative disk in my neck. My neck was where my first real pain started. That was about 3 years ago. I now have pain in my lower spine. That area hasn't been x-rayed so I don't know if it is degenerative...but I wouldn't be surprised if it were..