Crystal Healing?

Well its just one of those things you think “Its not gonna do any harm”

I have a lovely friend who, I suppose the best way to describe her, is an “Earth Mother” her house is messy and comforting, smells of home baking, is full of animals, family and love.

She needs volunteers as she is embarking on a course about crystal healing…so I’m taking the plunge this weekend. She says at the very least it will be 45 mins of relaxation for me once a week…sign me up for that!! :slight_smile:

yeah--sign me up, too! relaxing surrounded by the smell of home baking...what could be bad about that?

Sounds like a relaxing treatment! Would love to hear about it after.

I will post an update…its for 6 weeks, and I have to keep a diary about how I feel before and afterwards, mentally and physically:)

Ok, no healing this week, my healer is sick…when she phoned to cancel, we both burst out laughing! :slight_smile:

Lol Sybil! I love my Shibashi Tai Chi, I do believe it keeps me as mobile as possible and would always recommend it especially as it was taught to me by my OT department at my local hospital.
I am looking forward to the Crystal healing, because I know it wont hurt me and who couldn’t do with more relaxation! Different philosophies always interest me, so I like to keep an open mind. If I can also help a friend then all the better :slight_smile:

First crystal healing session today…result?

I cried my eyes out??!!
I’m so tired now I need to lie down lol

Sometimes a good cry is so very relaxing …

Lol you maybe right Seenie, I’m off from work this week so am doing nothing but resting as I feel so fatigued, think that’s why I was so tearful. x

Ok, here I put my hands up and confess to having dabbled in the past with crystals, flower remedies and Reiki healing ..... and they all work to unblock energy and emotional bottlenecks so it's not at all unusual to have a 'release' such as crying when the blockage starts to shift.

I am the worlds greatest cynic and it was having simply unexplainable responses to or experiences during treatments that made me want to delve a little deeper in it for myself ..... and unless I want to lose all credibility with all you I'm going to stop there!

I do like to keep an open mind about these things, my logical side says “yeah right!” but my emotional side says “well you never know” :slight_smile:
Sometimes its maybe the best way to keep our beliefs and spiritual sides under wraps, but I always try to remember there’s so much we don’t understand, so who’s to say what’s what…as you say Jules we’d best stop here or I may get a special jacket so I can give myself hugs :wink: