Cold Knees

Lately with this wonderful wet weather we are having on the north west coast, I’ve been a lot colder than usual. However it’s my knees that really take the cake, they’ve been sore lately and the cool weather makes it so much worse. Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep them warm?
I know it may sound kind of silly but it really effects me these days.

Thank you!

Several ideas:

Not silly! I used to live in a cold climate, and I know how the cold can seep in sometimes and make your knees feel stiff, cold, and painful. I have a few ideas:

Loose (one size up than normal) neoprene knee braces, find something light without a lot of metal bracing Basically, just a wrap. Drugstores usually have something. Neoprene will hold in the heat, while being flexible.

Silk long underwear. It is lightweight but warm, and can be worn under pants without any bulk at all. Can purchase from llbean, REI, or other outdoor clothing dealers.

For temporary, more intense heat, Thermacare (available at the drugstore), makes a disposable self-heating knee wrap that stays on pretty well, but it crunches / crinkles a bit when you move. The heat lasts 8-12 hours for me.

Great tips! I'm going to add in warm socks. Yes, I know you said it's your knees, but warm socks will help keep your legs generally warm, in addition to Marietta's suggestions.

I started bringing my heating pad to work. I lay it over my knees/legs. It’s not that cold here but I have started the achiness and cold feeling in my joints

I use a lap throw always. Also 2 pairs of socks. And craft gloves are good for your hands. I have to use a thumb stabilizer on my right hand, and that keeps it warm too. This cool weather really gets to me too and causes horrible pain. I know what you are going thru.

I say bring back old fashion leg warmers! Anyone remember wearing those in the 80’s?

LOL! I almost suggested leg warmers (they still make them for dancers), but thought they would be too bulky under clothes :)

Louise Hoy said:

I say bring back old fashion leg warmers! Anyone remember wearing those in the 80's?

I used the wear them in the winter months before ballet classes, then wore them as a fashion item in college lol…loved em! :slight_smile:

Skins compression clothes - provide very mild support (like a stronger than usual compression stocking), supposedly help lower inflammation due to compression, but most importantly keeps nice, steady temperature.

I won’t exercise without them, but they will also fit unnnoticeably under a pair of business slacks!

I have and LOVE my leg warmers!!! My kids have Babylegs (baby/kid legwarmers) that I wear on my arms to keep my wrists / elbows warm. For knees, you can take large stretchy socks and cut off the toes and slip them up your legs and over your knees. I wear skirts, so this doesn't look as odd as it might look under jeans. LOL

So many awesome responses!!!
Sorry I haven’t responded more to this thread, I’m in the middle of a bunch of tests and exams right now.
I love the idea of leg warmers. I’ve worn them in the recent past when I lived in Alberta. I wore them over my pants. They have some pretty cute ones these days!
I think they would be a good idea to wear over knee supports too, if I needed a bit more warmth.
I haven’t moved to wearing knees supports yet, but it’s been getting harder to walk down stairs lately.
Also I have a big wool shawl that I’m going to bring to school today too.
Thank you everyone for your replies!

Maybe not very practical, but there IS battery powered heated clothing...

I saw a heated jacket in a catalog & couldn't help thinking it might come in handy to have heated knees and back... any 'trouble' spots.