Questions about a knee flare-up

HI! Hope you are all having a decent =/ day today! I recently have posted about a flare-up that is taking over. In the past when I have a flare it is usually one joint at a time and it happens overnight and means business. Swollen, warm, can't move it. etc. This is my "norm" (for the last 17 years) , but this flare-up is the first I've had on Remicade and it's affecting many joints at once and also making me super fatigued.

My main concern is my right knee. It has flared up 3 times and each time has led to a surgery. My dr 8 years ago said my next surgery would be a total replacement. It is swelling now and I'm so torn how to treat it. I'm on Pred and my Remicade isn't due until 3/24. SOOOO, what i'm wondering is how everyone handles their knee flares. Do you find it 's best to rest it more and ice or it's best to keep moving. ("Rest makes rust") Has anyone ever had relief with using a knee brace or wrap?

I just need to do everything in my power to avoid another surgery. My rheumy just keeps adding pred and telling me to ice. OK, but that's not cutting it.

If my Remicade doesn't help the 24th, then we will be changing biologics. =( But for now I have to keep functioning.

Thank you in advance for your advice and patience!!! I look forward to all opinions!!!


I get a bit of relief from a compound pharmacy pain cream. It helps for only a short while so I go through quite a bit of it. But relief even for that short time is nice. Rest, movement, ice, heat, braces and wraps don’t really help me that much if at all. Hope you are able to find something that helps you.

A hot joint is typically iced. You can do gentle movements and walking if it's comfortable enough to do so, but don't push yourself too hard. A wrap might help with some of the swelling, but again, not too snug.

I'm curious now. . . What have you had the knee surgeries for?

In situations where I have had just one joint out of control, I have gotten cortisone shots in that joint. It hasn't been often, as my disease is, in general, in almost all my joints at once. I would not treat one inflamed joint systemically with prednisone. Obviously, if you've had knee surgery, there is a lot going on in that knee, and you should try to get in to your rheumy to discuss that knee! Hope it improves soon....

I've discussed this knee multiple times with my rheumy in the last couple of months!

Cortisone injections never have given the knee any relief, but do help my other joints. What happens is it becomes so swollen, so quickly that it gets "stuck" in a bent position. At that point everyone points me to the surgeon. Each time they have needed to clean up bone spurs & synovium tissue. I haven't had any cartilage in about 12 years. It takes me forever to heal and I'm always in pt for at least 6 months. =( And that's just arthroscopic. I can't imagine how long it would take me if I had to have it replaced.

I'm trying to stay positive and keep moving. Icing regularly , taking oral pred, getting acupuncture. I'm allergic to NSAID's so that stinks. I would love some Motrin.

I wish you luck with this. That's a tough situation to be in.

You know, the only good news about a total joint replacement is that there wouldn't be any more damage to clean up.

Thank you, Stoney.

I have thought of it that way, too. I just can't imagine going through it right now with our daughter being 15 months and so busy.

I haven't done much research into replacements in a while (bc I felt good) , but now is rob ably a good time and it's been about 8- yrs since my last surgery. I'm sure they've come a long way since then…….