Electrically Heated Gloves

So far the UK autumn has been very mild but when the temperature falls my hands will suffer. I haven’t been diagnosed with Raynaud’s but I have the symptoms and cold hands do not mix well with stiff fingers. Unfortunately for me, my wife likes the temperature low and driving in the winter is always difficult as we’ll have the windows open or even the air conditioning on. So I’ve been looking around for electrically heated gloves. 30seven offer a range of options - a bit pricey but they look promising. But does anyone have any experience or recommendations to offer?

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What a great idea! Sorry, can’t help with recommendations but hopefully others will.

Not exactly a practical option for car journeys, but have you ever tried a wax bath for hands / feet? I tried one out at a hand OT session - I was very sceptical - but oh my, absolute bliss! And they’re not pricey.

I’ve had Raynaud’s since I was a kid. I’ve never done heated gloves. Truthfully, it’s not as bad as it once was since my PsA haa been properly medicated. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not still a problem. I bought lightweight fleece and lightweight cotton wrist warmers a few years ago, then bought some for my mom too. I will wear them in the house most of the time, and will wear them under regular gloves when I’m outside. They’re easier to wear than fingerless gloves and keep my hands warm enough to avoid the worst of it. I still get mild frostbite most years but that’s because I do stupid things like gassing up my car with just light gloves.

Thanks for the tip!

Funny you should mention that - I’ve been looking at wax baths just recently.

Mostly I can manage the hand problem but there are times when conventional gloves simply don’t do what I need them to. I’ll keep searching.

This should make you smile @saxophonics. My partner mentioned on seeing the headline that motorbikers wore heated gloves and of course that’s in your link. I never knew that before.

Yes, indeed they do. This search started for me last year - as a keen cyclist I get frustrated by the having to stick with indoor cycling once the temperature drops. And I remember getting cold hands from my motorcycling days. I think I’ve had this problem all my life to be honest. I could never understand how my school mates could spend so long throwing snowballs without experiencing pain. Still, that’s one activity I don’t need to worry about any more.

Really? I still can’t resist throwing snowballs should we have snow!

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I love the idea of heated gloves, I’ll definitely be looking into that for when I’ve out and about, thanks for suggesting. I would recommend a paraffin wax bath, I bought a champneys one and its been really great for my hands and feet. It’s helped with my debilitating night enthesis cramps when nothing else has


I have had one for a couple of years, they are nice to warm up the hands. My PT showed me how best to do it; you dip 3 times in the wax bath, then wrap the hands in paper towels and put plastic bags over them, then wrap them in a heat blanket for about 20 minutes. You can also just do a quick dip… Funt to peel off the wax too! You put the wax back in to re-melt it…

My problem, my hands go from freezing cold and white to very hot and red, so hot gloves cant trigger them to go the other way…

That sounds like Raynauds. There’s lots of ways to manage it. The hot and red is the blood returning after vasospasm.

I also have erythromelalgia most of the summer and Raynaud’s in the winter, wish it was the other way around!
The hot feet and hands goes on for hours, and is very debilitating.

This is a great link - thank you for sharing. It has given me the confidence to go ahead with a purchase. Thank you for posting!

I am putting the Savior Heated gloves on my Christmas list for myself…

Yes, Savior looks good for the UK. I don’t think I can wait to Xmas though.

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and for the feet… https://www.amazon.com/QILOVE-Chronically-Electric-Hunting-Motorcycle/dp/B075TYN65X/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1540912594&sr=8-13&keywords=Heated+socks

Just coming back to this thread some months later to say thank you to everyone who contributed. I purchased a pair of Savoir heated gloves in the end and they proved to be effective at keeping the cold at bay. The heat is gentle but certainly warm enough and the gloves are fine for driving apart from adjusting some of the smaller controls. More recently I have have also bought a wax bath – it’s early days but so far the results have been very encouraging, providing relief from a flareup that I’m currently experiencing. It’s great to have the information and support provided in this list.