Cimzia is working!

Been a while since I posted, elbow surgery and switching biologics is a bad combo! This will be my 6th week, and I feel Cimzia is starting to help! A few draw backs, getting the medications, the first $15,000 starter kit was delivered to the pharmacy, you would think that would be a safe bet? I was there when it arrived, they said it would take 15 minutes to “get it ready”, they removed it from the protective cooler and ice packs and put it in a paper bag, handed it to me, and said to keep it cool. It was in the 90’s that day. I guess the pharmacist wanted the cooler? So I cranked up the AC and raced home.
Second time, I told the company to have it delivered to the 100 acre farm where I live, I instructed the guy in the office to refrigerate it right away, UPS delivered it 10 minutes after the office closed, one of the workers signed for it, luckily put it in the farm fridge, but told no one! I got back at 6:30pm, no medication, the company said a Michael signed for it, I checked all the usual fridges, could not find it, then realized it was in the farm fridge. Geez.

One downside, it might be making my small fiber neuropathy worse, it is hard to tell, because it waxes and wanes on it’s own, so I don’t want to stop the biologic only to find it was not the cause.
Hopefully I will continue to enjoy a symptom free or at least reduction of symptoms! My main problem is enthesis, which is hard to control, so this may be the wonder drug for me…

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Gosh I hope so. You certainly need a decent break - that’s for sure. Here’s hoping. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

It’s good to hear from you. That sounds like a very rough combination, a new medication following the elbow surgery.

This sounds like quite the scene, getting your medicine to you, still cold.

Great to hear it is working Jon. Just as Poo said, time you caught a break!