Chi Machine - for PsA relief?

Well, I searched out my trusty Chi Machine and plugged it in. I lay down on my bed with my ankles suspended comfortably on the foot rest and turned it on.

I was a little worried that it might make my PsA worse or even damage the joints... but 20 minutes seemed like a couple of minutes as I lay back and enjoyed the gentle side to side movement.

I suppose I should have checked online to see if the Chi Machine is OK to use for RA or PsA....When I did, I only read positive results.. The machine is great for fatigue, arthritis, carpal tunnel pain, aches and pains, etc....

So for anyone who has a Chi machine stored in the attic or the garden shed....dust it off and plug it in... I am going to make it is daily activity... or should I call it a daily massage...?

Hi Sybil... No, I have not tried Tai Chi although I used to watch people doing it on the waterfront in Kowloon when I visited there on occasion. I must see if I can find someone around here in the wop wops who might like to join me. Good Idea!

Yes, New Zealand is beautiful.. especially where I live..

By the way, after doing research... I googled images of 'swollen upper lip" and found exactly what I am suffering from. It is Angioedema (hives) allergy to medication!!!!!

Said that it can last up to 14 days - So hopefully I should get some relief soon.

Breaststroke is my favorite stroke... glad you told me.... Thanks ..

Wow, I hope you figured out what med you're allergic to. My daughter gets an allergic reaction to Aleve, a naproxen sodium. One of her fingers gets all red and painful--I guess it's a condition that can actually involve more than a finger, but she's lucky.

I'm wondering about the Chi machine or doing Tai Chi. Sounds like they're worth looking into. Sybil, you've mentioned it before, and now that you say it makes you feel like you're moving gracefully--I REALLY want to try it! 'Cept I hope I don't need to go to classes for it.

Hi Sybil

I was just thinking last night about using my Chi machine its been sitting in the corner collecting dust. Been worried about it hurting my ankles because that is what has been bothering me the most at night. But if it loosens up my back and hips that would be great. Maybe I will Try and pad them