Calling In Sick

From my blog, rannygahoots:

My PsA is majorly flaring. I can barely bend/straighten my right elbow, my left thumb, and my right pinky finger. My SI joints are making it difficult to walk, stand or sit. It feels like I have a knife between my shoulder blades and my entire chest hurts when I breathe. Nearly every joint in my body is involved, and I'm still waiting to hear from my rheumy if I can go back on Remicade, which I haven't taken in months (or other biologic), but may have to wait until after seeing my gastroenterologist in a week and a half. I may have to wait until after testing after seeing my gastro ... or never, depending on what the tests say. My body hasn't been this bad in a long time. I'd almost forgotten it could get this bad. My allergies haven't been this bad in ages as well.

So ... I'm taking a sick day tomorrow. I'm a homeschooling mom, so that basically means I'm not running errands, not taking the kids anywhere, not doing any housework, and it will be a day of self-directed learning on the kids' part. I will read, nap, and watch movies. I may have my husband make me breakfast and put dinner in the crockpot and have my kids make me lunch. I will take pain meds, use ice/heat as applicable, and take a long, hot, uninterrupted shower. To do the latter, I may need to give my four year old a sword and appoint her Protector of Mama's Peaceful Shower.

Despite the horrendous allergies, the pain, and lack of range of motion, I plan on enjoying every peaceful minute of my sick day!!!

However, there could be one hitch in my wonderful, luxurious plan. A good friend is due to have her baby any minute now, and I'm blessed with the privilege of taking care of her precious two-year-old while she and her husband welcome baby sister into the world. What are the odds she'll going into labor tonight? Whatever they were before I "called in sick" - I'm sure they just went up! I wouldn't mind too terribly though - having a "Big Sister Day" with Miss M and meeting her newborn sister will be just as magnificent as a sick day, perhaps even moreso.

Anyone else need a sick day?