Taking a "Sick Day" or three

My PsA is majorly flaring. I can barely bend/straighten my right elbow and my left thumb. My SI joints are making it difficult to walk, stand or sit. It feels like I have a knife between my shoulder blades and my entire chest hurts when I breathe. Nearly every joint in my body is involved, and I'm still waiting to hear from my rheumy if I can go back on Remi (or other biologic), but may have to wait until after seeing my gastroenterologist in a week and a half....or after testing after seeing my gastro ... or never, depending on what the tests say. My body hasn't been this bad in a long time. I'd almost forgotten it could get this bad.

So ... I'm taking a sick day tomorrow. I'm a homeschooling mom, so that basically means I'm not running errands, not taking the kids anywhere, not doing any housework, and it will be a day of self-directed learning. I will read, nap, watch movies, have my husband make me breakfast and put dinner in the crockpot and have my kids make me lunch. I will say no if anyone asks me to watch their kids - unless it's my friend E and she's in labor, as I'm her labor/birth/postpartum childcare. This means she'll go into labor tonight, doesn't it??? LOL I will take pain meds, use ice/heat as applicable, and take a long, hot, uninterrupted shower (I'll give my four year old a sword and appoint her Protector of Mama's Peaceful Shower - that should do the trick). And if I'm still doing horribly on Friday, I'll still pick up my friend and drive her to her outpatient surgery and home again, but instead of going home during the surgery, I'll camp out in the waiting room with a good book while my husband wrangles our kids plus the "extra" child of the day. If on Saturday I'm still under the weather, I'll take myself to Blue Mamas support group in the morning and then find somewhere peaceful to sit and read or a friend to visit. And despite the pain and lack of range of motion, I will enjoy every peaceful minute of my sick day(s)!!!

Anyone else need a sick day?