Beau's lines?

Grrr… Typed out a whole post and it didn’t go through so i’ll make it short. Does anyone have beau’s lines with psoriatic nails?

Thank you in advance for any answers.

With Metta~Mary.

I had to look up what beau's lines were!

When I was younger I severely ridged and dented nails. I have psoriasis around the cuticle area, which I'm sure affected the growth of my nails. For some reason once I got older (over age 20) the ridges got much less severe. Better PsA treatments started around then (I was on gold, which worked wonders). Since then if my disease is out of control I will get some minor ridges in my nails, but nothing as severe as when I was younger.

Thanks Marietta :v:

Are those the lines that go across our nails? If so, i have them on both thumb nails. The right one is slightly worse.

Yes Bluefairy, they go across the nails. They started out at the base of the nail and are growing out with the nail.
I took a pic to show my rheumy. Not sure if its psoriosis though, but it’s something I never had before. It looks like the nail got scratched across with like the end of a paper clip, but its on every nail.

At the risk of oversharing, my toenails occasionally just peel off. Underneath is the beginning of a horizontal ridge, which then grows ever so slowly out. Never knew what they were called, or that there was an association with psoriasis.

I have many ridges which go from the base to the tip of all my nails, My thumb nails are the worse and now look slightly angular. I also get the nail lifting from the sides and this was identified by a Dermatologist as Psoriasis, he referred to them as an oil stained look, it looked very pink around the edge of the lifted area to me with the lifted part of the nail going a pale yellow color rather than the normal clear color. Very sore just before the nail lifts and for a few days after it has lifted. The only way I found that helped lifting nails was to cut the nail away to stop moisture building up underneath and to allow the air to get to it to keep it dry until it grows out. I have had this lifting of nails on my toes as well. I have also had pitting and layers of nail flaking off and pink lines across the nails (side to side).. I rub in either Olive oil or Organic Coconut oil and it helps.

Yes, I have Beau's lines, which a derm once told me was related to my psoriasis.

I have nail psoriasis for as long as I can remember. I have had lots of lines, both vertical and horizontal, pitting and peeling. They also lift prematurely. I have noticed a big improvement on Enbrel but really no effect with other biologics. I spent one winter with duct tape around my nail on both my second toes as I was afraid I would lose them and miss out on skiing! I was younger but yet another good use for duct tape!

Yes, I have lots of ridges, pitting and lines in all of my nails but one strangely. They have been like that for as long as I can remember (childhood) with no skin involvement. I was diagnosed with psorasis and psoriatic arthritis at 39. Only one nail kinda tried to lift years ago but never fully did. Never knew it meant anything just thought I had unattractive nails =)

my doctor id'ed my finger and toe nail problems as a symptom of psa. some times the nail partially peals from the skin underneath and do get the ridges on a couple and bad pitting on one that has bad psoriasis around the whole nail. I usually just trim the best I can and let it grow back out. I will try the coconut oil, but any other suggestions on preventative non med solutions