Asking for some advice/help

I know this is probably a common question and I apologize if it has been repeated. But I am looking for advice/guidance on whether to take my weekly mtx dose while I have a cold? What have people heard or experienced? Please help... Thanks

When I was on MTX I had asked my doctor specifically about this. I was told that even a low grade fever to go ahead and take my weekly dose, but if it was a higher fever I should skip the weekly dose completely and just wait until the next week. Hope you feel better soon.

I was told the same thing as Stoney. I have never had to miss it. I have onlt had colds or other low grade infections that cleared right up.

Ditto to the other two.

I took it all the time. My GP prescibed it so when I got sick URI he knew and told me to take it as along as I was not running a high fever or feeling toxic.

Thank you all for your advice. I went ahead and took it. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, it really is appreciated :)


I'm only in my 6th week of MTX and this week I got a sinus infection. I contacted the doctor before I got really sick and was given an antibiotic that can be taken with MTX. The infection took hold so I dosed up with the antibiotic and double checked about the MTX and was told to go ahead. Different courses for different horses? I'm still taking prednisone, too, which might have something to do with the differing approach? Hope you're feeling better! ~Jane