Should I give Mtx a miss?

Just a question here - I probably should know the answer but don't trust myself. My tooth started hurting a day or so ago, then became very painful & now a bit has fallen off. I have severe periodontal disease so am getting used to this & know that the dentist will extract it tomorrow. But the woozy way I feel right now I'm pretty sure it's infected. Today is Mtx day - should I give Mtx a miss in case I need antibiotics? I will phone doc first thing tomorrow.

I was told that for active infections, skip the weekly dose. Not for a cold, but for a fever. It sounds like skipping it is the right thing to do, especially because you are having "surgery" tomorrow. You should be able to get your answer tomorrow.

I'm sorry about the tooth. That must be very upsetting.

I skipped my mtx dose with a jaw infection as I was advised to because of the antibiotics I was on.
Hope you feel better soon x

Every time I have an infection and I need antibiotics (cold sore, UTI, lungs) or I am going to have a dental procedure, my doc asks me to suspend MTX and now Humera. She has been very insistent about it, infection=no MTX . I was supposed to have a filling and I had to cancel; because of the infection risk I was supposed to stop the Humera and I did not want to cancel when I was in a trial phase, seeing if it works. I hope this helps. If it was me, I would stop, no doubt.

Good luck tomorrow :)


Hey Sybil, I’ve no idea what you should do regarding the MTX but I just wanted to say sorry about your tooth, teeth, mouth. That’s just one more thing to worry about. Bummer.