Interesting turn of events

Since before Christmas I have had an annoying, painful flare up in the knee, ankle and tendon. MTX, leflunomide and steroids weren't really helping. THEN on Tuesday I woke up and the pain and swelling had gone. Just like that. However I *did* wake up to flu, a cold sore and an eye infection.

Is it simply because my over-excited, over TNF producing immune system actually has something useful to do, it's not attacking my joints? It will be interesting to see what happens once the flu etc disappears.

That may be exactly what happened. Of course, I live in fear of getting sick, in that it might set off a flare. In other words, once my immune system gets going it winds up attacking itself. Same with allergies.

Hopefully for you, this might be the turning point.

The optimist in me thinks it is. The pessimist thinks that once I shake the flu off that I'll have the giants of flare ups.

Great to hear. My one knee is in great pain, I fear of getting sick, but now you my be on to something.

Keep us posted, I'm curious once you're better, if the pain comes back. I haven't taken anything for my PsA, and now it's getting bad, probably start mtx this weekend. Only concern is, will it help my knee.

Haven't really heard anyone on the forum say that mtx has helped them?

Everytime I get ill, my PsA calms down and my body feels great (with the exeption of cold symptoms). I know the cold is getting better because the pain slowly returns and joints flare again. It's been pretty consistent for me, the one think I like about getting a cold.