Arm Bone Pain

I did a search and found references and discussions about leg bone pain. I wanted to ask if anyone else has had arm bone pain.

My radius and humerus hurt on and off. For both bones, about midway between joints it is a deep ache on the lateral side. I have pressed hard where it aches and get no additional pain. I have looked at some anatomy charts and cannot tell if there are attachments points at these locations that would create bad inflammation.

It is the kind of pain that keeps me from sleeping. It feels like a deep muscle pain, but when I have muscle pain it will hurt more if I press hard on it.

Any thoughts?

Could it be bone marrow inflammation?

I haven’t experienced that type of pain with PsA (though I imagine almost anything is possible). If you haven’t already had it checked and it’s been hanging around fir a while, I would get it checked. It’s always possible it is something else (ie could be bone marrow inflammation as Stoney says, that can be caused by a number of things).


It is likely that there is inflammation. My pain is between my knees and the bottom of my foot. I get a lot of pain in my leg bones that is very similar to shin splints. I don’t see why you couldn’t have joint pain that radiates into your arms…everything and anything weird is possible with PsA! Ice or cold packs?

I am starting to understand that. It means that when it acts up there is no limit to strange pains. I am dealing with all the muscles in back hurting right now. I know the PsA is in my ribs. Just hoping it is not turning into AS.

I get a lot of inflammation in my spine - and particularly in all the tendons and ligaments that attach. Despite having Crohns as well, the inflammation doesn’t lead to the type of bone changes in AS - I think it is a different metabolic process.

I definitely raised those concerns with my Rheumy when it set into my spine, but know even if there is inflammation there it doesn’t necessarily mean AS.

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When your spine flares up, does it make all the muscles in you back and ribs hurt?

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Yes, unfortunately it often does. If it is in my cervical spine (neck) then it is often just my neck and /or shoulders, but if it is more in the thoracic spine it seems to set off all the ligaments that attach pretty much everywhere over my back and ribs. Ouch. I did find that gentle massage (NOT in the joints in the spine) helped that a lot, and heat (showers, baths) helped the muscles, whilst I often put cold on the spine itself.

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I have the exact same symptom for past 8 days, I can see the triggers were yardwork, sugar, stress but I’ve never had pain like this, it’s unrelenting like a huge toothache. I’ve found keeping my hand below waist helps the raging pain, I’m seeing local clinic this morning to have a DR take a look

I bought some compression gloves. They help the pain and swelling my hands and fingers. I also just bought some compression/warming sleeves for my knees. I have on knee that has gotten so bad it hurts badly to walk. Doc said I had some arthritis in my knees, but enough for that pain. He poked and flexed and said it was the enthesistis. Whatever it is, it hurts.

I think the PsA is going after all the fusions in my neck right now. I have been having trigger finger cramps in my hands that I haven’t had for years, since they fused my neck.