Bone pain

Hello all,
I have a specific question…has anyone had deep bone pain in your legs? I have had PsA for about 30 years. Unfortunately, I was misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia because I don’t think doctors knew a lot about PsA back then. I am 59 years old and was diagnosed about 4 years ago after my internist thought I had lupus so he sent me to a rheumy. Rheumatologist thought right away that I had PsA bc of my severe psoriasis and my symptoms. Reactive protein was 18.5. I had severe fatigue and joint pain in almost all of my joints.

I have developed deep bone pain in my thigh bones in both legs about 6 weeks ago. I first thought it was defused pain from my hips and knees but when I lie down at night, I definitely can tell its in the bone. I mentioned to my doctor that this was happening and he told me that PsA can affect any part of the body. It’s an inflammatory disease. I have had it attack my lungs in the past that put me in the hospital 10 days.

Sorry this is so long. Just giving some background. Has this happened to anyone else?

Thank you

Oh my... Do I.. Doctor just took me off Nsaids due to damage to my kidneys.. It has only been 2 days.. I can hardly walk..

Sorry to hear you’re in much pain. I take Vicodin which really helps me. I try to wait to take it until night time which is the worst time for me. NSAID’s don’t touch the pain for me.

My understanding is that the deep bone pain is bone marrow oedema. Most prominant in arthritis mutilans form of PsA and for the rest of us usually around entheseal sites.