Any one on Remicade and How long did it take to work?

I got my fourth treatment Thursday and I was feeling good that day. Friday I was limping, Saturday was a an o k day and Sunday I felt the flare coming. Sometimes it gets in my jaws and teeth? Does that happen to anyone else? The only way I know how to describe it to others is that I feel like I have the flu. Achy, fatigued, and wiped out. I am currently on Remicade, cymbalta (sp?), Ultram when I need it and some type of muscle relaxer when I need it.I also have a burning pain in my legs that almost seem more neurological than arthritic? Nothing seems to help this burning pain and it is very debilitating. Does anyone else experience that? The swelling and pain in my hands and feet are the only improvement I have had.

Over what span of time have you received your treatments?

I started in April

Well I had just started back treatment after my baby girl was born. Tried humria and enbrel no progress so doc switched to Remicade in April.

It may be a treatment or two before you feel any definite results. Everyone responds differently. I can really tell the difference. I just had my 9th and I can tell when I'm due for another.

Your dosage may need to be increased. My rheumy tells me it can take up to 3 months to build in your system before you feel any improvement. Also my dosage needed to be increased & the frequency as well. Currently I get 800mg every 5 weeks. The burning pain should be checked out. You could have a pinched nerve somewhere. I would call my primary care doctor if I were you. When I know I am not due to see my rheumy I call my primary care doctor. He will usually do xrays or MRI, then if anything is found I have the results sent to my rheumy. But do not let it wait till you see your rheumy. Best of luck & please keep us updated.

It took several infusions before I felt relief ... and then I was taken off of it! When I was put back on, it took a few infusions, and then we made the infusions every 6 weeks instead of every 8, and then my rheumy tweaked the dosage.

This time around, I felt good the day of, had a "remicade hangover" the next couple of days, and have been slowly recovering (I had the infusion on Friday). I have frequent headaches and nausea, and this weird neuological-feeling pain/heat/restlessness in my legs for a few days to a week after infusion, which was suggested to me is due to swelling going down and muscles readjusting.

Burning pain is not good, it usually is nerve pain. I have been on Remicade for a year now and have it every 6 weeks instead of 8 and am almost to the highest dose they can give me. It works but you have to adjust it. I just had MTX added as well, haven’t felt anything really change but I’ve only been on the combo about 6 weeks. Best of luck!!

Don't know beans about Remicade, but I do know about the teeth. When I'm at my worst my top teeth hurt like crazy. The pain moves around. It's really maddening.

My new doc has many of his PsA patients on Remicade every 4 weeks. He said most of his PsA patients can't go past 4 weeks.