Antibiotics and Juvenile Arthritis

Antibiotics in Children Increase Risk for Juvenile Arthritis

PsA gets a honorable mention in this article as possibly being caused by disruptions in the micro biome. I was on several rounds of different antibiotics last year, with the last round ending just before the arthritis started. I also had a major GI infection and several URIs that year. I wonder if my illness would have been more mild, or started later, or not been triggered at all if I hadn't taken so many rounds of antibiotics or had those infections, or both?

Has anyone else seen more articles/research on this subject?

Why couldn’t it be the infections that set off your immune system? This seems like it would make more sense.

It's my understanding that there are a lot of things that can go haywire with infections and with heavy antibiotic use, and think that the combination (plus my extensive family history of the disease) of those two things triggered the onset of the arthritis. Are you very knowledgable about antibiotic use and its impact on the immune system? I wonder how it would make more sense for the infection to have more of an impact- not arguing the opposite, by any means. I'm no expert on this stuff.